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Book Fairs Insider - Spring 2009
  In This Issue:

•  Fried Worm Feast Inspires Reading
•  What Would YOU Do for Reading?
•  New Toolkit Feature: 'Make Your Own' Marketing Materials
•  Featured Video: Palace of Mirrors

Principal Chows Down on Fried Worms to Promote Reading

Principal Ryan Moran feasting on fried worms!
The things educators do these days to promote books and make reading more appetizing for students just keeps getting more funky – and flavorful.

To promote reading during the annual school Book Fair, Ryan Moran, the principal of Bloomsburg Memorial Elementary in Bloomsburg, Pa., feasted on a plate of fried worms, bell peppers and onions as more than 400 wide-eyed and gasping students looked on in disbelief.

Moran's earthworm chow-down was the culmination of a reading contest dreamed up by Paraprofessional and Book Fair Chairperson Amelia Blackledge, winner of the Scholastic Book Fairs spring 2008 national contest. The duo challenged students to tally 150,000 minutes of reading time over four weeks leading up to the school's Book Fair.

Blackledge dreamed up the idea for the Worm-Plate Special in hopes it would really motivate students to read. "We wanted to come up with something that hasn't been done too often," said Blackledge. "And it truly did motivate our students; they became reading machines."

Keep reading to learn how the wiggly feast inspired a new reading record.

What Would YOU Do for Reading?

What Would You Do for Reading?
Would you eat fried worms? Would your principal? You can encourage your principal to show his or her support for reading by participating in the Scholastic Book Fairs What Would You Do For Reading? campaign and performing a wacky stunt between now and May 22.

In the past, principals have had cream pies thrown in their face, turned themselves into a human hot dog, kissed a mule, or spent an entire day on the roof of the school...all in an effort to rally students to read.

Just ask your principal to pledge to perform a wacky stunt by visiting He or she can select a reading goal for your students to achieve in the weeks leading up to your Book Fair, and then perform the wacky stunt after students meet their goal.

Visit our Web site to get more details, see what other schools are doing, and sign up your principal to complete his or her own wacky stunt!

Exciting, New Toolkit Feature: 'Make Your Own' Flyers

New Toolkit feature!
There’s an easier way to create custom flyers to promote your school Book Fair.

Located in the Fair Files section of your Chairperson’s Toolkit, the new Make Your Own feature lets you create, edit, and save your Book Fair letters and flyers. Select from a variety of Book Fair images and pre-written text, or write your own message. Log in to your Toolkit to get started.

Margaret Peterson Haddix on Palace of Mirrors

Meet author Margaret Peterson Haddix.
Each season, the Scholastic Book Fairs Author Video features exclusive author interviews and exciting previews for the most anticipated new books for young readers.

This spring, award-winning author Margaret Peterson Haddix talks about Palace of Mirrors, the long-awaited companion novel to her 1999 best-selling book Just Ella. Haddix is also the author of the critically acclaimed Shadow Children series.

In Palace of Mirrors, the true princess Cecilia is forced into hiding until the evil forces that killed her parents are vanquished. But a bizarre twist of fate throws the truth into chaos and turns her world upside down. Is she really who she thinks she is?

Watch more videos and view featured books available at your Fair this spring.

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