​To BOGO or not to BOGO... Hmmm that’s the question!

Buy one, get one FREEBuy one, get one . . . what could be better for everyone at your school?
Here’s the question you will hear constantly, “I can get anything for free?” You’ll just smile and say, “Yes, it’s a buy one, get one free!”
So how does a Scholastic Book Fairs BOGO work? After you have held one regular fair you can schedule a second or third Fair later in the school year. Your second or third fair can be the BOGO. It’s not quite like the regular fairs. For the BOGO, you decide the theme! You can choose to order the seasonal decorating kit, or you can choose to reuse the previous theme decorations. I like to mix and match for my BOGO - eclectic is my style!
You should make sure to work with your Scholastic Book Fair Consultant and figure out your expectations and needs. My consultant is Tammy Kemper, and she is so knowledgeable and so patient with me. The Book Fair Consultants are there to help you! Don’t miss out on their guidance, experience and desire to help you succeed!
A BOGO is designed to get books in the hands of your students for the summer! It’s still important to advertise your fair and make it as fun as possible. The Chairperson’s Toolkit has a letter you can use to send home to parents to explain the benefits of the BOGO fair.
Setting up a BOGO is no different from setting up a regular fair. The cases will arrive along with all the supplies you need with the exception of bags. You’ll need to either save the bags from previous fairs, or get volunteers involved to donate the stash of grocery bags they have around the house. Other than that, set-up is normal. In the Scholastic Planning Kit you receive, there are BOGO posters provided for you.
I recommend still holding student preview sessions so students can see what you have in the fair. Use the Wish List provided in the online Toolkit. If your students are somewhat like mine, you can modify the wish list. I add five additional lines so there’s room for more “stuff” they wish for!
During your sales times, here’s where it gets really good! Scholastic’s EasyScan does the work for you! You don’t have to figure out which item is free. Scholastic does a fantastic job of matching products and giving students (and teachers) the best deal possible! The receipt shows the complete breakdown of what’s paid for and what’s free! It’s just like using that “easy” button!
You are still able to reorder items. Know this, it is the end of the year and even for Scholastic, sometimes they might not have everything you’d like to reorder.
You’re probably wondering about your fair share . . . or your profit. Well, the profit truly goes to the students, parents and teachers who purchase at your fair. They are getting items for free! There is no profit that you receive from the sales, but there is a 10% second fair reward for the school if the sales are over $2,500.
If you haven’t tried to host a BOGO book fair, there’s no time like the present! Try it, and if you’re like me, you won’t stop hosting them!