Use All for Books Donations to Help a School in Need

Selecting books to donateScholastic’s All for Books is an amazing opportunity to share the love of books with those less fortunate!

I have to admit, it took me nine book fairs to appreciate that fact! Let me explain!
First, as perfectly described through Scholastic’s website:

All for Books is an easy and effective way to unite the school community and provide more books for kids and teachers. All funds collected through All for Books are used to buy more books from the Book Fair.

Funds can be used to:

  • Give more students a chance to participate in the Book Fair.
  • Add new books to the school library.
  • Help teachers build and refresh their classroom libraries.
  • Donate to another school or community organization in need of books.

Scholastic Book Fairs® then matches those monetary donations with a donation of up to $1 million in books from The Scholastic Possible Fund, which distributes books to children through organizations such as the Kids In Need Foundation, Reader to Reader, Inc., and the National Center for Families Learning.

By working together, we can help connect kids with more books than ever before.
When I first began hosting Scholastic Book Fairs, my sales representative, Sharon Looby, told me about All for Books. I was so focused on running the fair that this gem never really grabbed my attention. A few book fairs later, my rep asked if I was going to try All for Books. I did approach my principal to ask if it was a possibility. Understandably, it still was not something she wanted to take on. Finally, on my 10th book fair there was a larger humanitarian need to put the power of All for Books to work - Hurricane Harvey was that impetus.
We needed a way to reach out to those who were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Through the help of a teacher in Houston, she told us about a school that could really need a helping hand. Their library was destroyed and the really need new books.
I tweaked a coin challenge that was provided by my Book Fair Consultant, Tammy Kemper, a bit to meet our needs. We began the challenge a week before the actual fair. This is important to run the challenge before the fair so you’ll know how much money you get to spend during your fair.  This is how we got all our students involved:
Mustache Monday = Pennies
Monday, September 11: bring pennies
Don Your Best Western Mustache!
All for Books coin challenge 

Toe Tappin’ Tuesday = Nickels
Tuesday, September 12: bring nickels
Dance Day!
Wild West Wednesday = Dimes
Wednesday, September 13: bring dimes
Crazy, Wild Hair Day!
All for Books coin challenge

Buckles & Boots Thursday = Quarters
Thursday, September 14: bring in quarters
Dress as a Cowboy or Cowgirl!
All for Books coin challenge

Hats off to Friday = Any coins or dollars
Friday, September 15: bring any kind of coin or dollar amount
Wear Your Cowboy Hat or Any Kind of Hat!
All for Books coin challenge
Every cent we raise will help us buy books for a school that suffered major damage because of Hurricane Harvey.

Also, for every dollar we raise, Scholastic donates books to a literacy charity!
I was so touched by the generosity of our school community! Look at what we did!

Look what we collected!
We collected over $2,700!

I also involved students in the selection of books to purchase for Frazier Elementary School. I called down five students from each class to come and select books they think kids their age would like to have in their library. They had a great time selecting the books!

All for Books coin challenge

The benefit to your fair is also a highlight of using All for Books. The total amount collected goes toward the sales of your fair therefore increasing your total sales and your profit. We’re all winners when we use this tool, All for Books!
Give it a try at your next book fair and let me know how it goes!