Pink is for Blobfish by Jess Keating


Mr. Schu: Hi, Jess! 

Jess: Hi Johnny! I'm so happy to chat with you today!

Mr. Schu: Thank you for agreeing to finish my sentences. 

Jess: Thank you for having me!
Mr. Schu: Let's get started! 
Pink is for Blobfish's cover is the drooliest, coolest cover I've ever seen. I think the design team at Random House Kids did such an amazing job capturing the quirky fun of the book, and that is not a face anyone can forget! 

David DeGrand and I are so excited to introduce you to PINK IS FOR BLOBFISH! It’s the first book in The World of Weird Animals series, and we can’t wait for it to swim onto shelves.

Did you know that the blobfish on the cover of my book has a name? He was discovered on the northwest coast of New Zealand. The scientists and crew that found him named him Mr. Blobby! I think it suits him and is very dignified.
Reading is a way to live a thousand lives. I love that, through books, I can explore so many different experiences and stories. They’re like real life portkeys that can take you anywhere.
Mr. Schu, you should have asked me about my new educational Youtube channel! If readers want to learn more about weird animals like the ones they find in Pink is for Blobfish, they might love Animals for Smart People. Every couple of weeks, I share 2-3 minute videos about animals and science. They are kid and classroom friendly, and I hope that educators find them entertaining and useful! So far, I’ve chatted about blood-drinking birds, nudibranchs, reindeer, and more!