Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

By Dianne Nagasaka, Book Fair Chairperson at Covington Elementary in Covington, WA
The S'more You Read, the S'more You Know!It was a rough Book Fair week for Covington Elementary, but that didn’t stop us from pulling off our Happy Camper Book Fair.
We started out with a really bad rainstorm and a water leak in the library. Then we had a horrible bout of stomach flu that ran through the school. It took out so many of the students and volunteers.
Luckily I had already created a display on the wall, as well as some posters to hang up. We were able to do a bit more decorating and pulled off a fun guessing game, where students had to guess how many mini marshmallows were in a large jar. We also gave away posters as prizes.
I honestly wanted to close the fair on Thursday but my friends and the librarian kept it open for me. We made a bunch of students extremely happy so it was all worth it.
All in all, we pulled it off! This was my 3rd year running the book fair and it was my most successful fair to-date.