​Kicking Off the Fun Before the Book Fair

By Vickey Powers, Book Fair Chairperson at Mistletoe School in Redding, CA
Pirate FunBefore our Fair even started, we purchased a pirate ship from a party shop and placed it up as a book display to share pirate books that the library already has. When the Fair decorating kit arrived we began to add items from the kit to begin to transform the library. We also added a couple of ghostly flamingos onboard the ship. It was a great hit.
We set our Fair to begin the first day of Parent Conferences. We had a crew of people come in on Thursday to set the Fair up, and the kids were excited to see the Fair begin to come alive.
We always pull books from the Fair and make three to four prize bags. For every book purchased, they receive a ticket, which they write their name and teacher’s name on, and it goes into a drawing at the end of the Fair. It promotes the buying of books, and that's where the great selection of bargain books comes into play. We can direct those with limited funds to purchase a book.
I dressed as a pirate for our Halloween parade and promoted the Book Fair at that time. And each day of the Fair we had different helpers dress in the pirate theme. The kids have loved it.
I have also been reading the A Pirate’s Night Before Christmas to classes as they come in and browse the fair. Everyone has enjoyed the theme and the selection of books that were offered this time around. All in all, the Book Fair has been a big success.