Why I’m Crushing on Jess Keating’s Books

By Sarah Svarda, Book Fair Chairperson and Librarian at Central Magnet School in Murfreesboro, TN

Do you have a few books every season at your book fair that blow off the shelves? I always have a few favorites that I like to share with nearly everyone who walks in the door.

This spring, I’m crushing on Pink is for Blobfish by Jess Keating with illustrations by David Degrand. The book is the first in a new series Jess is writing called The World of Weird Animals. I am crushing on this book because it has tons of cool facts about weird pink animals but I’m also crushing on all of the other great resources that Jess Keating provides for her readers.

Pink is for Blobfish

When you talk to a customer (family member, friend or teacher) about this book you can also mention:

Did you know that Jess’ new book in this amazing series is coming out this summer (August 8 to be specific)?

What Makes a Monster

For teachers: Did you know if you read Pink is for Blobfish or any of Jess’ other books with your kids, she will Skype with your class for a Q/A session absolutely free? That’s twenty minutes of this amazing author’s time with your class absolutely free!

Did you know that Jess has a YouTube series called Animals For Smart People? These videos are perfect for inquisitive kids who love to learn cool facts about the animal world.

Animals for Smart People

Not only does Jess have one YouTube series, but two! Do you have aspiring young writers in your classroom or at your home? These videos are made just for kid writers! These ten videos are included in the series:

#1. What’s the secret to writing?
#2. How do you get story ideas?
#3. Do I need a special, fancy notebook to write?
#4. How can I start writing my story?
#5. What if all my ideas suck?
#6. Why do I need to revise?
#7. Should I let other people read my writing?
#8. How do I get past writer’s block?
#9. How can I make sure I never run out of ideas?
#10. What should I write about today?
Don’t you love when an author has so many great resources for your kids at home and at school? Jess also has several Keating Creature newsletters available on her Smore site for your kids.

On her website, Keating shares that her newsletters, “cover science education and zoology topics, that are classroom friendly, including fun stuff like glossaries, pictures, and of course, crazy creature info!” Here's a peek at a sample newsletter:


You can also find Jess’ Keating Creatures on Twitter. Look for the hashtag #keatingcreature on her Instagram account (@Jess_Keating)

If you still can’t get enough of Jess Keating, you can Skype with her for a small fee. Here are the details from her website about The Writing Zoo: This visit is adapted from my most popular in-person visit, and typically runs 45 minutes to one hour, including time for questions. This option covers all aspects of writing, creativity, and animals, and also includes a classroom set of signed postcards. Here is a quick description:

The Writing Zoo with Jess Keating! ($200.00)
What can a dung beetle teach us about writing, reading, and creativity? Or a skunk? Or even a blobfish? With wild examples from zoologist-turned-author Jess Keating, young readers learn about the fun, often messy work of creating stories, writing books, and being a story explorer. Hear some wild and funny stories, learn the tools to tell your own, and check out some of Jess’s animal skull and bone collection, too!

Jess also has another new book coming out in June of 2017! Be sure to watch for Shark Lady this summer!

Shark Lady

Do you have a favorite book fair book right now? Be sure to share your favorite titles on social media with the hashtag #mybookfair and share with @scholastic.