Thousands of Pennies for Books!

Submitted by Lake Forest Elementary in El Dorado, CA

Lake Forest Elementary has their All for Books program organized down to the very last…penny.

During their fall 2015 Book Fair, they collected more than $2,700, with $2,488 of donations just from students! How? Their success with the coin drive boils down to two major factors: advertising and a healthy dose of friendly competition.

The Book Fair chairperson begins sending home communication as early as three weeks before the Fair through emails, announcements, and social media. One week later the coin drive begins, encouraging students to help others and raise money for books for their class.

Each night, the coin containers, designed by the students, are emptied and tallied. The totals are posted for all to see!

Students then enjoy the books they helped purchase for their classrooms all year long and can feel good about knowing they made a big difference.