Muffins with Dad a Super Groovy Event

By Eva Cuellar, Book Fair Chairperson at Incarnate Word Academy in Brownsville, Texas
Hippie MobileFeelin' Groovy Book Fair was an awesome theme! I had a total of five volunteers that helped me set up our beautiful displays for our book fair and all the faculty, staff, and students enjoyed themselves.
The displays were created out of wood, poster boards, foam boards, actual school faculty pictures, acrylic paint, and glitter. We decorated our entire library with the theme Feelin’ Groovy and incorporated a 60’s and 70’s theme as well.
As the students walked into our book fair on the first day they saw their teachers', administrators' and staff’s groovy pictures which happened to be a “real big hit” on one of our main displays.
I got our school pictures and transformed them into the feelin’ groovy theme. Some teachers were peace and love hippies, some were flower power hippies, while others even were fancy dress hippies. This display is always one of our student’s favorite because they get to see us, love it, and laugh about it!
For our main center display, we built a half circle out of wood and we decorated it with peace signs, love hearts, happy faces and books.
Another display we did was the "Disco Fever" display, where we drew silhouettes of dancers and we glued them to the wall. Then we hung a disco ball, which was actually turning and spotting the lights on the dance floor.
Teachers had their own wish list boxes that we hand-painted and decorated with glitter, and they put the books they would like for their classroom libraries inside the boxes.
Our circulation desk was decorated with tie-dye banners all around, peace and love curtains, lava lamps and lights on every column. It looked very colorful and beautiful.  The whole library looked awesome and everyone really liked the awesome job we did!
We also hosted a Muffins with Dad day, which we ran all day long. I scheduled every class and had dads come in during his child’s class time period.
To make sure the dads knew about it, we posted information about the event on our book fair homepage and our school marquee sign. We also announced it every day, and I sent home invitations and flyers as well. As you can see, the dads were very informed about our first-time-ever Muffins with Dad!
About 60% of our dads came out and simply enjoyed their child’s company while shopping the book fair. We raised about $2,000, which to me was awesome!
I strongly recommend hosting a dad / mom day event. It really helps generate a lot of money for your fair. I believe that reading is the foundation to our student’s future. Get the parents involved so that their children can foster a love for reading.
Hosting a book fair at my school is always exciting for me as a chairperson! For weeks I plan everything I want to do with our fair; the invitations, decorations, displays, and the planning of our famous teacher preview, not to mention our dress-up parade that the entire faculty, students, and staff participate in. We all have a great time! I truly love hosting Scholastic Book Fairs at our campus!