A Classroom Wish List for the Digital Generation

By Josephine Svec, Media Specialist and Book Fair Chairperson at Piper Elementary in Berwyn, IL

Creating a wish list using an iPadWe are a small but mighty school. Most of my volunteers are students from my 5th grade class, and I even have a few volunteers that are now in middle school, but come back to help out.

One year, I noticed that my little ones in kindergarten would struggle when they tried to write their wish lists. So I came up with the idea to create a wish list for them showing a variety of books that I thought they would like, and they could circle the ones they wanted.

Now that we are a one-on-one technology school (each student in our school district has a device, laptop, or iPad that they are allowed to take home each night), I have them bring their device and take pictures of the books they want. It was so much fun and so easy.

For our next Book Fair, I’m planning to have them download the Book Fairs app so the parents can look up what the book is about and what level it is. I have tried it and I love it, so I’m encouraging my teachers, students, and parents to use it.
My parents constantly amaze me with their generosity by buying books for the students’ current and past teachers. I even had a few students buy teachers books with their own money.
We have been having book fairs from Scholastic for many years and they just keep getting better.