All for Books Change War Brings in 260 Pounds of Coins

Submitted by Mindy Hartley, Book Fair Chairperson at Hollywood Hills United Methodist Preschool in Hollywood, FL
260 pounds of loose change!Our pre-school spring book fair was the most successful we've ever had. After attending a local Scholastic workshop, we decided to have a Change War the week leading up to the book fair.
We explained that the money raised was going to All for Books and what All for Books stood for. We are a small pre-school. 7 classes, 106 kids. We did our Change War during a four day week. Each class received a sand pail and the class with the heaviest amount of change would win a book for each student in that class.
Each day the kids would come in with little baggies filled with change they searched for the night before.  The teachers from each class made bets with each other of which class was going to have the heaviest bucket.
Each night, the teachers were going through the sand pails and picking out all the silver change, taking it to the bank and bringing back rolled pennies. They did experiments in the classroom to show the students that 100 pennies weighs more than four quarters, 10 dimes or 20 nickels.
The following week on Monday night, we kicked off our book fair with a family night. We opened our book fair up to all our families and had a Book Worm come read to us for an hour.
At end of the hour, we totaled up the weight of each bucket. We had a combined total of 260 pounds!!!
The next morning I took the money to a bank to be sorted. To our surprise, 260 pounds of coins turned into $960!!!
When we first started the contest, we said the class with the heaviest weight would win a book for each child in the class. Once we realized we had way more money to spend, we bought a book for each child in the school!
Each teacher received a book off their wish list and they also received the same book that was given to each of their students. We were able to buy books for each of the babies in our baby room and provided books to a few students who were not able to participate in the book fair this year.
Not only did every single teacher and student in our school benefit from this All for Books / Change War contest, but we are very proud our small school made a BIG IMPACT!  Not only did our school benefit, but Scholastic matched our $960 donation to All for Books with $960 in books to Kids in Distress and Kids in Need Foundation.


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