Be a Book Fairy to Sponsor Students

By Shelly Stall, Media Specialist at St. James High School

group of students and teacherEver since I started running book fairs, I’ve always liked to try and add my own unique spin to them. It helps to make the fair more interactive for kids and their loved ones, and in doing so I’m able to help put more books in their hands and on the shelves of our library. However, I noticed that there’s a population of students at our school who were left out of our book fair. I couldn’t allow that to continue—so I thought of a great solution to this problem.
These students were students in need, and I wanted to be sure each of them could get a book or two at the fair. So, I went to the guidance counselor at our school and collected a list of names of those students. I went around and asked teachers if they would be willing to sponsor one of the children so they could buy books.  I did not want the kids in need to know why they were chosen, so we chose students that are considered model students to be sponsored as well. I made a flyer for this, and I called the sponsors “book fairies.” It tied right in with the fall theme, and I knew it would turn out to be a success.

How to be a book fairy infographic

Luckily, the teachers agreed, so I sent them the vouchers for them to edit: this was just in case they wanted to add their own custom message to the student. Alongside that, I put motivational words on each voucher, so everyone could read about what it means to do the right thing at our school.

book fairy voucher front and back

Once the teachers filled out the vouchers, they were given to the students to use at the book fair for the amount provided! This was a roaring success for both the kids and for me. Seeing the light in their eyes when they were able to shop the fair alongside their classmates was irreplaceable. I think all of us could use a book fairy every now and again, and I was delighted to help make that happen.