Every home needs a space that gives kids:
  • Easy access to good books
  • Choice of what they want to read
  • An opportunity for family involvement

Experience how you can inspire your children, influence their behavior, and strengthen their bond with you. To learn more, click on one or more of these four videos.

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  2. Preschool Family Video
  3. Elementary School Family Video
  4. Middle School Family Video

To download the 20 for 20 Family Reading Challenge pledge and log, click here.
We Need You.
More than any other skill, reading empowers children to understand their changing world and strengthens their creative thinking. But with so many distractions, many kids are reading less and reading less well.

Together, letís make a difference in their lives that will last a lifetime.
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Reading is the most important skill you can teach a child. Find out more. Help spread the word!

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Motivating kids to keep reading is the end goal.Try these helpful tips!

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Parents play an important role in developing their childís reading habits and abilities.

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