Terrific Toolkit Tips

New Toolkit Login with Password

Having a Toolkit password, and giving volunteers Toolkit access, are two features our Book Fair Chairpeople have requested often, and we listened!

On January 17, 2013, Book Fair Chairpeople will add password security to the Toolkit login. At the same time, you will be able to give Toolkit access to selected volunteers, who will have their own user name and password.

You will continue to use your email address as your user name. Since over 90% of our Chairpeople already have an account on the scholastic.com website, they will be all set. If you don’t have an account, you will be asked to create one and add a password.

Now you will need only one set of login credentials no matter where you go on the scholastic.com website – such as Storia, the Scholastic Store, the Teacher Store, Clubs Ordering Online (COOL), or the Chairperson’s Toolkit.

Promote Your Homepage – A Key to Success

Homepage-Online Fair
How to Promote Your Homepage and Online Fair

The Book Fair Homepage is the key way to communicate all the details of your Book Fair. Parents love having all Book Fair information in one place online.

The homepage is set up automatically as soon as you enter the Toolkit, and you will want to customize the page by:

  • adding more features (your goal, the new Principal Reading Activity, special programs such as All for Books)
  • changing your online fair dates to fit your needs
  • completing the daily schedule with hours and activities
  • editing the messages to make them your own
Find Ideas for Promoting!
From the ‘Your Homepage and Online Fair’ page in the Toolkit, click “How to Promote Your Homepage and Online Fair”, and you’ll find lots of tips and ideas, along with links to helpful how-tos and promotional materials! Here are some of the many topics that will help with your promotions:

  • the importance of including your homepage web link in all Book Fair letters, invitations and announcements and emails
  • how your school's web administrator can put the homepage URL as a link on the school web site
  • how the homepage gives customers direct access to online shopping to maximize the success of your Book Fair
  • tools to communicate about online shopping before, during and after your in-school Fair
  • how parents and families can look up your Book Fair homepage online using Find a Fair

Introducing a New Homepage Feature: Principal Reading Activity!

Principals across the country are using the Book Fair to set a reading goal and encourage students to read. Being involved in a Scholastic Book Fair not only helps school leaders to reach reading goals, it also creates a powerful school-to-home connection.

Now you can let your school’s families and friends know how your principal is involved in your Book Fair. As you are setting up this Homepage feature, we give you some great tips and ideas for principal reading activities and incentives, including:

  • how to plan for your principal’s reading activity and involvement in the Book Fair
  • suggestions for school and classroom reading goals the principal can set
  • “kid approved” wacky stunts the principal or faculty can perform once a goal is reached
  • ideas for other privileges students can achieve by reaching a reading goal

As with other Homepage features, you can edit the title and the message to let your school community know, in your own words, how the principal is supporting the Book Fair. When you are done, here’s an example of how it will look!
This great new feature is available January 17, 2013.
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