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Check Out the Toolkitís New Workshops Page

Click on the Workshops tab at the top of the Toolkit to see the schedule and register for a live workshop or a webinar workshop! Or, if it better fits your schedule, you can complete the self-paced online workshop.
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Live and Webinar Workshops:

At a live or webinar workshop, your group leader will introduce great ideas for setting goals, recruiting volunteers, building excitement, advertising the Fair, decorating with a theme, and using all the tools Scholastic provides for a successful event. Youíll love sharing experiences and creative ideas with your fellow Book Fair chairpeople and learning about many of the seasonís new books.

Online Workshops:

The online workshop covers all the topics as a live workshop or webinar and can be completed in your own location at your own pace. Whether itís live, via webinar, or self-paced online, completing a workshop is a key way to channel your efforts toward achieving Book Fair success.

(Please note that the live and webinar workshops are not intended for our tabletop Fairs customers, so the online workshop is offered as a convenient alternative.)

Book Fairs Programs:

On the Workshops page, youíll also love seeing information about many programs that are sure to add to the excitement and traffic at your Book Fair. These include tips and advice for tried-and-true activities such as All for Books, Classroom Wish List, a Homepage and Online Fair How-To Guide, a Student Crew Video, the What Would You Do for Reading? wacky stunt challenge, Grand Events, Booktalks, Book Previews, a new digital Ideas Guidebook, and much more.
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