Terrific Toolkit Tips

Tutorial Puts the 'Easy' in the EasyScan System

You will do yourself and your volunteers a favor when you let them master the Scholastic EasyScan system before the Book Fair starts. To help you and your volunteers prepare, the EasyScan Tutorial is available from the Toolkit at any time, but did you know that your volunteers can take the tutorial without entering your Chairperson’s Toolkit? Here’s how:

1. Take them to the Toolkit login page (www.scholastic.com/cptoolkit).
2. Click on HELP in the upper right corner.
Homepage-Online Fair

3. In the links on the left of the Help page, select the topic “Volunteer Training Tools”.
Homepage-Online Fair

4. Select the tutorial for non-BOGO Book Fairs, or the one for BOGO Book Fairs, as appropriate.
Homepage-Online Fair

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