Online Book Fair Opens Up Shopping Opportunities

The Online Fair allows your whole school community to be a part of the school Book Fair and offers an extended selection of titles for shoppers.  Read how Book Fair chairpeople said the flexibility of Online Shopping benefitted their schools:

  • We had parents come in after we closed the Book Fair, and I reminded them about the Online Fair. It was an easy solution for me, and they were happy to still be able to purchase books!

TIP: Send out an announcement after your Book Fair ends reminding parents that online shopping is still available. Use this announcement to get started.

  • A teacher and several students were out sick during our Book Fair week, and they were afraid they missed the opportunity to shop for books. They were so pleased to hear that they could go to the Online Fair and shop.
  • Our PTA offered us a budget to buy books for the media center. Instead of depleting the Book Fair, I went online and was able to select from a larger inventory. It was also very easy to buy books by grade level or search for the books I needed.
  • A huge snowstorm hit our area and closed our school during Book Fair week. I thought the Book Fair would be a total loss, but my sales consultant reminded me that parents could still shop the Online Fair. I immediately sent out an email blast to the school to let them know that they could shop while cozy in their homes and still help us meet our goal! 

Your Online Fair is automatically set up for you. Just follow these easy tips to reach even more shoppers and extend your Book Fair beyond your school walls.

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