All-in-One Planner Maps Out Steps to Summer Reading Success

A three-year study by University of Tennessee professors Drs. Richard Allington and Anne McGill-Franzen put summer reading on every educators’ front burner when the team’s research showed summer reading was equivalent to a student attending three years of summer school and resulted in a 35 to 40 percent spike in reading achievement scores in the ensuing school year.

The challenge lies in establishing a clear, step-by-step, research-supported plan that incorporates the key components of access, choice, motivation, and family engagement that combine to help students avoid the summer slide and achieve overall academic success.

Insight from an Educator: Education consultant Sandi Novak sees the Summer Reading Success Kit as a powerful tool for educators. “As a principal and assistant superintendent, I always encouraged students to read over the summer months. However, Dr. Richard Allington’s research compels me to do more. Knowing this research, I would do at least five things. First, I would schedule a Book Fair to provide students with access to high-quality, affordable books that they want to read. Second, I would enroll every one of my students in the Read for the World Record program to track their reading minutes over the summer months. Third, I would inform parents and teachers of ways they could be involved to continue to motivate students to read over the summer months. Fourth, I would use some of the best practices offered in the Summer Reading Success Kit to encourage all students to read, read, read. Finally, I would plan a wonderful celebration for my school community as our students' reading improves each following school year.”
Scholastic Book Fairs now offers a no-cost, all-in-one planner – the Summer Reading Success Kit – that will help educators achieve their summer reading goals. “A big part of our mission is building stronger readers. Our Summer Success Kit pulls into one resource tips, strategies, and know-how that we’ve gained over the past four years of implementing a strong summer reading program,” says Frank Loose, senior marketing manager with Scholastic Book Fairs.

The Success Kit includes information about hosting a summer reading Book Fair, and participating in the Scholastic Summer Challenge, and featuring Read for the World Record, in which 193,000 students from more than 4,400 schools read a record 95.9 million minutes in 2012. The top 20 schools are listed in the 2014 Scholastic Book of World Records.

The planner also provides:
• Best practices gleaned from fellow educators
• How-to advice
• QR codes linking to online resources
• Month-by-month planner pages filled with tips and suggested activities
• Fun facts about the Scholastic Summer Challenge to help inspire reading

Booktalks about current titles give educators ideas for motivating independent reading, and an interactive Reading Estimator helps educators decide their school's summer reading goal. “We also outline an Annual Independent Reading Plan to help educators think about reading year-round rather than just during the academic year,” Frank shares.

A limited number of hardcopies are available from your sales consultant or field sales representative. Click here to learn more about the no-cost Summer Reading Success Kit.

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