Your Toolkit’s New Planning Tool is Just Around the Corner!

The new year will bring you a sleek new Chairperson’s Toolkit!

  • Simplified navigation
  • Your Book Fair Planner
You’ve asked for improved tools for planning your Book Fair, and the Toolkit team at Scholastic Book Fairs is listening! We are working on a new suite of tools to support your efforts to connect students with books they want to read. The first new tool, coming next spring, is the Book Fair Planner! The Planner will make it easy to (1) set your goal, (2) select programs and activities to help reach your goal, and (3) give you a personalized checklist of steps to take before, during and after the Fair.

All this will be wrapped in a fresh look and clean new navigation. We’ll replace the blue navigation tabs, and the planning timeline bar, with an intuitive Menu designed to take you easily where you want to go. The Menu will give you access to all of the same Toolkit sections using these icons:

Customize your Planner in 3 easy steps:
  1. Set a Goal. If your school conducted a Book Fair last year, you can use last year’s results as a guideline for setting this year’s goal. Once the goal is decided, you can even elect to display your goal on your Book Fair Homepage.

  2. Choose Programs and Activities. Review Book Fair programs and activities proven to increase excitement and participation at the Fair. We’ll give you tips for how to conduct a successful event, with a timeline and best practices. You’ll just check off the programs you decide to include in your Fair.

  3. Interactive Checklist. When you have completed setting your goal and choosing your programs, you’ll have a timeline with a list of tasks you can check off as you and your volunteers complete each task. The checklist will give you basic Book Fair activities, and also tasks that will make your selected programs a success. You can customize the list by changing the date of tasks to fit your schedule, editing or removing them, AND you can add your own items to the list!
This quick video introduces the Book Fair Planner in less than a minute. Watch for further announcements about the Planner, coming to your Toolkit next spring!
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