New Read 100,000 Site Makes Reading Goals Accessible

Motivating student reading is at the top of every teacher’s and Book Fair chairperson’s to-do list, but finding that source of motivation can be a challenge. And that’s exactly the thinking behind the new Read 100,000 website – which presents a free, fun, and easy reading challenge for students, parents, and educators alike.

Read 100,000 helps schools sets reading goals they can work toward before, during, and after their Book Fairs. Using the redesigned site, participants set their goals, decide how long they will take to achieve them, and log their minutes online. Students, parents, and educators can watch minutes add up as they are logged.

To help set the goal, participants can use the Reading Calculator, where they can enter the number of students participating, the number of reading minutes per day, and the total days of their challenge. For instance, a school of 240 students who read 30 minutes a day over 30 days will read a total of 216,000 minutes.

“A lot of our Book Fair chairpeople are reading and media specialists. This is a way to motivate kids to read more,” says Frank Loose, senior manager of marketing at Scholastic Book Fairs. The site will provide preview links to books that will be featured in the upcoming Fair, helping chairpeople further fuel reading motivation.

The new site offers advantages to all users, according to Frank. “For educators, it’s much easier to sign up entire classrooms. If they want to do classroom or grade-level challenges, they can do that. They can also see how many words and minutes a student has read live, and they can correlate that to any game they want to play.”

Educators will benefit from the ability to track students’ reading progress. That’s a huge deal,” says Frank. “What researchers have found is that it isn’t the quantity of pages read but the amount of time spent reading that is really critical to children’s reading development.”

On the site, parents will find tips about motivating their children to read more, and they can draw upon book recommendations that will capture even the most reluctant reader, according to Frank.

Students will will find the site engaging, he adds, and will enjoy keeping their reading logs. The site also gives perks to student participants. “One of the new features for kids is that we’re giving them virtual rewards that varies weekly. If students meet that challenge, they will receive something like a downloadable chapter from a Scholastic book or a web medallion that they can post on their individual homepage and show off to their friends,” he says.

In addition to the individual rewards, Frank recommends a schoolwide reward upon meeting the goal. “You can also tie Read 100,000 into other reading challenges, such as What Would You Do for Reading?” he suggests. “One principal turned himself into a human sundae when his students met their goal. One of the most common wacky stunts is for students to Silly String® their principal.”

To promote participation, educators will be able to choose from a whole collection of reproducibles – from signup sheets on which students can record their user names to to parent letters. Additional reproducibles – such as flyers, bookmarks, and posters in both English and Spanish – are also available on the Chairperson’s Toolkit. Also, educators can link to the site through their Book Fair homepages as well as through their school library pages.

Read 100,000, Frank says, gives school the ability to change their entire school culture. “A challenge like this will bring a school together. If you have a larger school especially, it can be hard to pull students together for a common cause. This is a great way to motivate kids and to help them focus on a schoolwide goal,” he says.
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