Book Fair Resolution: Sign Up for a Spring Workshop

With the bustle of the holidays behind us and winter weariness settling in, now is the perfect time to warm up to the idea of spring. A spring workshop, that is! Attending a spring workshop can energize and inspire you to plan a successful Book Fair Luau reading celebration.

Workshops prove beneficial to new chairpeople and veterans alike. Michele Janney, a first- time Book Fair chairperson at Cherrington Elementary School in Westerville, Ohio, “started out being a bit uncertain but evolved into a Book Fair Chair Extraordinaire,” according to Book Fair field representative Kie Seiple, after Michele attended a workshop that gave her “a head full of ideas.”

Her Eyes Lit Up With Excitement

Michele sheepishly admits that she almost didn’t attend the workshop: “But then I realized that I had to do something and that maybe I would meet some people.” When she arrived, she found many of the attendees had five or six years of experience and yet were on fire about what Kie would show them at the workshop.

And no one was disappointed – least of all Michele. Kie took everyone through the online chairperson’s Toolkit, as well as through the School Resource Catalog, showcasing all of the exciting new products available. Fellow attendees shared their ideas and successes. Inspiration was born.

Kie watched as Michele’s eyes lit up with excitement. “She was like a sponge and absorbed all the ideas that were shared by me and all the other chairpersons at the workshop,” Kie recalls.

It was a defining moment for Michele. “The workshop was super-helpful because I wouldn’t have had a clue about how to decorate or how to include the kids. We pretty much did everything in your book,” she laughs. “After leaving the workshop, I felt more than capable of running a Book Fair.”

By “everything,” Michele is referring to a big rocket in the school’s front hallway, themed bulletin boards, door decorations, an alien photo area, guessing games, Classroom Wish List, One for Books, and a Family Reading Night with grandparents, among other ideas. To promote the Fair, Michele used emails, letters, and social networking.

Her results were measurable: The Fair generated $4,300, about $500 more than the total from the previous year.

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