Book Fair Luau: It's a Reading Celebration!

Dear Book Fair Chairperson,

The weather is changing. The leaves are falling. It’s the perfect time to start planning a luau!

Luaus are shared celebrations that unite communities. And bringing kids, parents, and teachers together to celebrate books is the goal behind our featured theme for spring – Book Fair Luau: It’s a Reading Celebration! The Book Fair is the perfect opportunity to encourage reading practice because every Fair will be packed with books children want to read.

Once again we’ve gathered an exceptional selection of books, including the multi-award-winning One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia and No Passengers Beyond This Point by Newbery honoree Gennifer Choldenko. And to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster, we have books about the ill-fated ship for readers of all ages.

To discover even more books that will encourage kids to read every day, check out this online preview.

Call or email a Book Fair Consultant today to schedule a spring Fair. Already on the schedule? It’s not too soon to start planning your luau and best Book Fair ever. Contact your Book Fair Consultant to get your Book Fair Luau started!

Ho’ohauoli I ka Heluhelu ana (Celebrate Reading!)

Alan Boyko
President, Scholastic Book Fairs
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Spring 12 Book Preview