Keep Them Turning the Pages All Summer

By Francie Alexander, Chief Academic Officer at Scholastic

Linda Siciliano Studies show that students who don't continue to read over the summer are likely to lose crucial ground. One summer off can sometimes mean a whole school year of playing academic catch-up. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep kids reading this summer. 

"For starters – and this is really the ‘big idea’ – kids can help keep their learning skills strong by reading four or more books during the summer," says Francie Alexander, chief academic officer at Scholastic. “You can’t stop doing something for a month or two and still be good at it. Scholastic’s Summer Reading Buzz Web site helps keep kids reading so they don’t lose the gains that they made during the school year.” 

Share these tips to keep kids reading this summer:

1. Prompt them
We learned from Scholastic's Kids and Family Reading Report that kids look to their parents for ideas about books to read. Since there are so many choices, parents can recommend books that look interesting and make kids aware of what books are out there.

2. Read along with them
It’s fun to re-read all the books you liked when you were little, and you also get to read the new stuff that’s been written since you grew up. 

3. Try a series
Summer is just the right time for a good series. There are so many really good ones. Kids like getting to know a character, seeing what’s going to happen next, and revisiting the character over and over. 

4. Always have a book on hand
Encourage kids to take a book along wherever they’re going. Headed to the beach? The after-lunch, before-you-can-swim-again break is a perfect time for a book. Or try an audio book if you’re taking a road trip. 

5. Let them see you reading
When young people know reading is an important part of your world, they’ll be encouraged to read too. 

6. Provide suggestions
Share what you liked to read as a kid. Or create a list of your best bets for great summer reads. Visit Scholastic's Summer Reading Buzz for can’t-miss book recommendations. 

7. Read any time of the day
Reading isn’t something that has to be done at a certain time. Some kids like to read at breakfast. Look for opportunities that fit into your day. Everybody needs quiet time, and a book is just such a good friend during a quiet time. 

8. Look for activities around books
It’s fun to be part of a group of readers, such as Scholastic’s Flashlight Readers, where kids all read the same book and then discuss it with other online readers or play games based on the book. Or it can be fun to find out more about an author after you’ve read his or her book.
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