Interested in Being a Volunteer?

Volunteer your time at a Scholastic Book Fairs Warehouse Sale Event and
you can earn $10 per hour (in the form of a gift certificate to purchase
books at the discounted price)!*

We're looking for volunteers to:

Work the registers
Bag books
Restock and straighten books on shelves
Greet and assist customers

To sign up, visit our Web site to find a sale near you and register for your Fast-Cart Pass. Be sure to check the box "I am interested in volunteering at this Warehouse Sale" and enter your contact information. A local Scholastic representative will contact you in the near future. Please note, not all applicants are guaranteed to be scheduled to volunteer.

*Gift certificates are redeemable towards the purchase of books at the discounted price during this sale event only. (Example: Work 8 hours, get $80 worth of books at the discounted price).

Sign Up to Volunteer