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It's All in the Plan - A Year-Round One, That Is

Two students dressed as Cleopatra and Galileo give a nonfiction booktalk in front of Principal Rob Furman.
We all know author and Principal Rob Furman as a geek, and he is. He's a geek for learning. When he sees $12,000 in Book Fair sales - thanks in part to an Ugly Man contest - he sees more kids reading more to the tune of 15,562 books last fall alone. A successful Fair is a critical component of Rob's year-round literacy plan.

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Powerful Practices
Powerful Practices Set Students Up for Summer Reading Success
Partnerships with public libraries, book swaps, summer book clubs, and family engagement ideas are a few of the best practices Donalyn Miller and Alyson Beecher share from their vast experience with driving summer reading.

Try these proven ways to engage families and keep students reading over the summer >>
New Report Issues Warning Cry about Trends in Student Reading
Login 4 LeadersWith summer just around the corner, the newly released Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report™ - a biannual study of children's and parents' attitudes and behaviors about reading - sounds a warning cry to educators and parents alike about concerning trends in reading frequency, reading enjoyment, and reading for fun.

How you can get your students to read this summer >>

Login 4 Leaders
Login 4 Leaders Sharing What Moves You
Some people think technology isolates. Not me. I believe technology unites. One way it unites is by creating worldwide communities through which we can explore and share interests. Another way it unites is through streamlined communication within our much smaller worlds. Communication binds communities.

Try these recommended apps for reaching reluctant readers and connecting with your faculty >>

Read Every Day. Lead A Better Life.
The percentage of parents who say their child does not spend enough time reading for fun has increased since 2010 across all age groups of children.

Read more about the latest findings in the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report.

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