Reader Leader Jan13: No-Cost Strategies to Implement the Common Core
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Reader Leader
   A Resource By and For Educators January 2013   
Powerful Practices
Powerful Practices BooksCore Content: Help Students Connect with Nonfiction Texts
Teachers need effective, easy-to-implement ways to increase students' nonfiction reading skills, access, and motivation.

Check out Donalyn Miller's and Alyson Beecher's tips for using nonfiction texts in the classroom >>
Reading Hero
Philly Principal Turns Relocation into Literacy Opportunity
When Philadelphia school AMY Northwest had to relocate at the beginning of the school year, what some saw was an unkempt, neglected building that presented challenges. But what Principal Marco Zanoni saw was opportunity - the opportunity to increase the school's impressive literacy efforts through the additional space offered by the new venue.

'The library is a real point of pride' >>

Each student photo hung in AMY Northwest’s hallway represents a book bought at the Book Fair.
A Tale of Two Schools: Two Approaches to Tracking Student Reading Minutes Gorham Elementary faculty rock out as an incremental reward.
Two first-time participants in READ 100,000 - a program through which schools can set, track, and achieve reading goals - started the school year off with reading resolutions, taking very different but equally successful approaches.

Here are some ways READ 100,000 can help you keep your reading resolutions >>

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Unlocking Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom
Dr. L. Robert Furman Kate Messner In our second installment on how educators can benefit from Twitter, Eye of the Storm author Kate Messner partners with contributor Dr. L. Robert Furman, author of Instructional Technology Tools: A Professional Development Plan, to share their insight into using Twitter in the classroom.

'Twitter gives kids a sense that their world extends beyond
those classroom walls' >>
Reading Hero
 How to talk to children about tough topics
 Thirty-five digital tools that work with Bloom's Taxonomy
 Reading, writing, and software: Technology that can help develop early literacy skills
 Scholastic products to help with the transition to the Common Core State Standards
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 Boredom or learning problems? How to tell the difference
 Troubled students get a second chance as administrators turn around alternative schools
 Are you up for Alyson Beecher's 2013 Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge?
 Inspire and motivate young readers using best practices from Donalyn Miller
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