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Reader Leader
   A Resource By and For Educators December 2013   
Short on Time: How Do I Make Time to Learn and Lead as a Principal?

Short on TimeThe ever-growing job description of a principal seems fit for a modern-day superhero who is able to build a cohesive school culture, promote academic achievement, foster professional growth, and encourage innovation. Author William Sterrett shares how administrators can experience profound success.

It's about time >>

Kiwanis Works to Create Havens for Families
Create Havens
Reading Oases - designated reading areas within schools where children and their families can gather - have become a haven among Title 1 students, many of whom lack access to books. Scholastic Book Fairs® is partnering with Kiwanis International to create family reading rooms as a community service.

'Even the name creates an interest that our students get excited about' >>

Educators Make Personalized Reading a Piece of PIE

Three Pennsylvania elementary educators have concocted a recipe for literacy that combines student choice, personalized instruction, introduction to a variety of genres, and opportunities to connect with students about books they're reading. The result has created a hunger for reading among students who devour their PIE - Personal Independent Enrichment - slice by slice. Piece of Pie
'Student choice is the piece that makes the program personal' >>

Kellogg's Program Gives Students
a Great Start and Great Stories

Students and parents at a Title 1 Texas elementary school received food for thought at a recent family engagement event: healthy snacks from event sponsors Kellogg's® and Walmart® and free books for every child. Families across the country are also redeeming codes on specially marked product boxes to receive free books.

Learn how your students can get free books >>

The Must-See Webcast Event of the Year!

For the first time ever, Diary of a Wimpy Kid author and illustrator Jeff Kinney and Captain Underpants author and illustrator Dav Pilkey join forces for a one-of-a-kind "Story Smashup"! They've started the story. Now let your third- through fifth-graders write the ending.

Learn more about the Kinney-Pilkey Mini Story Cliffhanger Writing Event of the Year >>

Read Every Day. Lead A Better Life.
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