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A Library System, a School District, a Middle School
Share Vision for Promoting Summer Reading

Walter C. Young Students with their Library Cards
A public library system, a low-income school district, and a suburban middle school - what do these have in common? Simply put, a vision - a vision for helping students succeed through energetic, creative summer reading programs that take full advantage of technology and community partnerships.

Find inspiration in how these three very different entities put summer reading at the bullseye of their literacy efforts >>
Great Parent Resource
Bookman WeaverBookman Weaver's Top Summer Titles - and He Even Ships Them Home!
How do parents and educators combine children's need for summer fun with the need to keep them reading? Easy - by providing them with access to a wide selection of books and the opportunity to choose what they read. Here's a compilation of Bookman's favorite titles from throughout the year that you can share with your parents as surefire bets for keeping kids motivated to read all summer long.

Find these great titles at your Fair >>
Help Students Find Right-Fit Summer Reads
Using the Simple Five-Finger Test

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Equip parents with the know-how - and a corresponding downloadable bookmark - so they can help their children find appropriate titles that will help them and your school to achieve summer reading goals.

Put summer reading success within reach for your students and families >>

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Login 4 Leaders Virtual Social Interaction Breaks Down Barriers
The internet - and now the cloud - make it increasingly easy to break down barriers of distance and learning styles. Virtual social interaction creates connectivity among colleagues worldwide and also opens a window into the world of students once impeded by learning barriers.

Author, blogger, and Principal Rob Furman - one of NSBA Technology Leadership Network's '20 to Watch' leaders - reveals some favorite virtual classroom and professional development tools >>

Read Every Day. Lead A Better Life.
Share your child's love of reading, and be entered for a chance to win one of two 10-book libraries.

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  Make reading a habit at home
  Develop great leaders, foster effective teaching, and transform school performance
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  Pledge your love of reading and get a chance to win a 10-book library for you and your school!
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Download the no-cost Summer Reading Success Kit