Book Fairs Insider February 2013: Love of Reading.
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For the Love of Reading
I Heart Books Tote It's true: We are in love! Here at Scholastic Book Fairs, we love reading, and we love fellow book lovers like you. We also love finding right-fit books for every kid's reading level and interest.

Because of our love for books, we love spending countless hours combing through books from every children's book publisher to make sure we find the very best books that we know will help your students fall in love with reading.

Check out our digital booklist to preview the books that we hand-selected with love for your spring Fairs.
Say YES to Booktalks!
Booktalk! Booktalks are a sure way to build a reading culture in your school. Did you know that all Scholastic Book Fairs® meetings - large or small - begin with a booktalk? Think about starting your meetings with a booktalk and incorporating them in your own school reading program.

Why include booktalks in your reading program?

• Students respond to teachers and peers who are enthusiastic about books.
• Students are more likely to read and complete books they choose.
• Students who read books for pleasure are more likely to become adults who read.
• Kids buy books that other kids recommend.

Read about how your students can benefit from booktalks or can video their own!
Winning Chairperson Divulges Formula for Great Fair
Contributing author Sarah Svarda, three-time first-place National Scholastic Book Fairs Elementary School Contest winner, joins us beginning this month to share her proven tips and best practices for running a world-class Book Fair. Learn the ingredients of her secret formula for success at her recent Story Laboratory-themed Fair.

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Student Has 10 Million Words for the Love of Reading
10 Million Words! Among students exhibiting a fondness for the written word, there are bookworms, bibliophiles, voracious readers, ardent page-turners - and Isaiah Scheuer. As an eighth-grader, this Wisconsin student beat his goal of reading 1 million words 10 times over.

Read more about this Book Fairs frequent shopper and the challenge Isaiah issues to other students.
Book Spotlight
These family dramas will rivet young readers!
Featured Book I Survived: The Battle of Gettysburg 1863
By Lauren Tarshis
Thomas and his little sister have escaped slavery, but they can't escape the war. Will they have what it takes to survive the fiercest battle ever fought on American soil?
Item #340207 - $4.99 Paperback

Featured Book Star in the Forest
By Laura Resau
Dogs can help us get through trying times, and that is just what Star does for Zitlally, whose family is undocumented and whose dad has just been sent back to Mexico because of a traffic violation. While the family awaits his return, Star is their symbol of hope. But when the dog disappears, is that a sign that Zitlally's father will never make it back to her? This very accessible story will open discussions on the true meaning of home and family.
Item #339150 - $4.99 Exclusive Paperback

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March 15 2013 Kids Are Authors Deadline - Your students could become published authors
Quick Stat: Having parents who are reading role models or having a large book collection at home has more of an impact on kids' reading frequency than household income.

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