Congratulations to the Winners of the Spring 2013 National Middle School Student Crew Contest!

The First-Place Winner of 2,000 Scholastic Dollars™ and a personal visit from author James Dashner is:

Tahlequah Middle School
Tahlequah, OK

Book Fair Chairperson: Brenda Maddan
Student Crew Count: 10
Theme: Oh, the Places You’ll Go … Book Your Trip Today!

Tahlequah’s Dr. Seuss-themed Book Fair got the school community more excited about their Book Fair than ever before! To kick things off, the Student Crew enlisted the aid of the cheer and pom squads to devise a flash mob at their first-ever Book Fair rally! As another way to promote the Book Fair, students from the entire school created paper clouds of dreams and hung them in hallways leading up to the Fair. The Crew also created commercials for the morning announcements, and mentioned the Fair on the local radio station, local newspaper, media center Facebook page, Twitter, and school’s website. To inspire kids to read more, the principal became the Mayor of Seussville and handed out prizes whenever she saw kids reading.

The Crew created a Cat Without a Hat goal chart, and held several contests and activities to generate enough excitement to help reach the goal of selling 1,300 books. The activities included a door decorating contest, hat day, guest readers from the local community, locker lottery, and a basketball game between students and faculty (entry fee into the game was an All for Books™ Donation). In addition, the principal and two assistant principals agreed to dress up like Dr. Seuss characters if the All for Books goal was met. (They ended up raising more than $700!)

To increase Book Fair participation among the whole community, Crew members hosted several events, including Donuts for Dads, Munchies With Moms, Goodies With Grands, Donuts for Donations, and a Family Night complete with Seuss snacks and Grinch punch.

All of these activities and events made Tahlequah’s Book Fair a huge success – they sold 600 books over their goal and the Cat got its hat back!

Second-place winners of 1,000 Scholastic Dollars are:

Shahala Middle School
Vancouver, WA

Book Fair Chairperson: Paul Warner
Student Crew Count: 30
Theme: Reading Is Out of This World!

Shahala Middle School had the biggest sales for any Book Fair in its school’s history this spring. The sci-fi/fantasy theme focused on Star Wars™ and involved teachers, students, parents, and the entire school community. To promote the Fair, the Student Crew and staff dressed in costumes for a Harlem Shake video. The video was shown to the school, district, and community via YouTube and Facebook. To generate even more student interest, Star Wars memorabilia decorated the media center and a superhero art and writing contest was conducted. The biggest part of the Book Fair was the Sci-Fi Family Night, which included Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion (a costuming group that spreads enthusiasm about Star Wars throughout the world with authentic-looking costumes), members of the faculty and students dressed in costumes, lightsaber making, an Origami Yoda station, Star Wars foosball, Student Crew presentations, and much more! The local news attended the event, and it was the biggest Book Fair crowd the school had ever seen.

Lake Nona Middle School
Orlando, FL

Book Fair Chairperson: Andrea Parisi
Student Crew Count: 20
Theme: Story Laboratory

The Student Crew at Lake Nona took the lead and planned and conducted a great spring Book Fair! To promote the Fair, they made signs, wrote scripts for the school news show, and even visited each Language Arts classroom to talk about Book Fair activities and events. To promote reading, the Crew created a Periodic Table of Literature where staff and students could share their favorite book characters. As a way to generate more excitement about the Book Fair theme, the Crew also set up science experiences around the Book Fair, filled a display with science-related books and lab supplies, and made the media center entrance look like a lab entrance. Spirit days, an All for Books challenge guessing games, a bookmark contest, and more were some of the other exciting activities during Book Fair week. The Fair also had great participation by families at the Family Event, which was combined with the school’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) night. All of the support of the teachers and the entire school community made Lake Nona’s Book Fair a huge success!

Sammy McClure Middle School
Dallas, GA

Book Fair Chairperson: Rhonda Boggs
Student Crew Count: 34
Book Fair Theme: Feed Your Imagination

For Sammy McClure’s spring Fair, students walked through doors decorated as a student’s mouth into the Feed Your Imagination Fair. They were welcomed by life-size chefs and tables were decorated with different food items. Posters of teachers as chefs holding a book on a tray also added to the atmosphere. To generate student excitement, teachers participated in a marshmallow-eating contest, a pancake-eating contest was held, and there was daily food trivia. Other incentives also tempted students. For example, when students brought a parent or grandparent to the Fair before or after conferences, they could spin the pizza wheel and earn prizes. In addition, when students spent $25 at the Fair, they were able to select a teacher to pie, and when they spent $50, they enjoyed a catered lunch served by an administrator. To encourage reading, students were challenged to read 420 minutes, the number of calories in a Chick-fil-A biscuit. Other fun Book Fair activities included a Literary Luncheonette Teacher Sneak Peek and the Student Crew filming a Harlem Shake commercial. These were just some of the events that created a recipe for a successful Fair.

East Paulding Middle School
Dallas, GA

Book Fair Chairperson: Kara Bechtel
Student Crew Count: 12
Book Fair Theme: Harry Potter’s Story Laboratory

East Paulding decided to do a twist on the Story Laboratory theme by combining it with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. To generate excitement about the Book Fair and theme, several contests were hosted: wand-making, creating joke shop candies, “Harry” legs competition, and a guessing game (the number of galleons in Gringot’s Bank). The principal and two assistant principals also had a contest to see who could raise the least amount of money for All for Books. The loser, who raised the most money for All for Books, had to eat broccoli and ice cream at an assembly. Parents participated in the Fair during a Hogwarts feast, and students and teachers even dressed as Hogwarts characters. Students who brought a parent to the Fair were entered into the Goblet of Fire for a chance to win a prize. The Book Fair activities even extended to classrooms where students were entertained by a Magical Creatures class by a local vet, a local banker (Gringotts Bank) talking about the importance of being responsible with money, and playing Quidditch in gym. Many activities during the week allowed students to earn points for their Harry Potter house and the winning house got to watch the principal perform the stunt!

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