Congratulations to the Winners of the Spring 2010 National Middle
School Contest!

Our first-place winner and recipient of a visit from best-selling author Heather Brewer plus a $2,000 shopping spree for books is:

Sammy McClure Middle School
Dallas, Georgia
Student Crew Count: 57
Book Fair Theme: Charlie and the Book Factory

This spring, the Student Crew at Sammy McClure Middle School recreated Roald Dahl’s literary masterpiece, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in their own school library. Giant chocolate bars, pixy sticks, hard candy, gummy bears, gumball machines, a chocolate waterfall, and Willy Wonka’s boat made the library come alive!

To advertise the Fair, chocolate bars were sold to students. Inside the chocolate bars, five lucky students found golden tickets which they could redeem for a prize. Another way the school promoted the Fair was to host a film festival where students created films with the theme of "Taste How Sweet It Is to Read."

Parents shopped a Family Night that included a performance by the chorus, and students rushed to the Fair to answer daily trivia questions, guess the number of gumballs in a jar, and vote for their favorite chocolate bar wrappers designed by McClure teachers. Another method to increase sales and traffic was the Tasting Room. Students who purchased $25 or more in books were able to taste chocolate-covered insects and other sweet, spicy, and sour candy donated by local businesses. Students who brought a grandparent to the Fair received a free trip to the Tasting Room.

As a way of generating excitement for both the Book Fair and One for Books®, the principal agreed to participate in the Augustus Gloop Doughnut Eating Contest live on the morning announcements. Students paid $1 to challenge the principal. Students and teachers dressed as Oompa Loompas and Willy Wonka, and wore top hats they purchased for $1. These efforts generated more than $450 for One for Books.

With tasty decorations, contests, events, and more created by the Crew, this was Sammy McClure’s sweetest Fair yet!

Second-place winners of a $1,000 shopping spree for books are:

East Valley Middle School
East Helena, Montana
Student Crew Count: 21
Book Fair Theme: Piecing the World Together One Library at a Time

For 10 years, Easy Valley Middle School has also been home to the East Valley Branch of the Lewis and Clark Public Library. This month, the branch will move out of the school, so the Crew decided on the Piecing the World Together One Library at a Time theme to support the move. To increase student excitement, the puzzle theme was used in various ways, including a puzzle piece guessing game, matching halves of bookmarks together, and puzzle decorations. The Crew also promoted the Fair to adults by giving teachers puzzle pins to wear (which allowed them to be entered into a daily coffee drawings) and by inviting senior citizens to a book breakfast.

The Crew advertised the Fair to the school community by placing ads in the school newsletter, visiting school board and PTO meetings, and creating bulletin boards. Homerooms also each created a giant puzzle piece, which formed one large puzzle for all to see.

The school also promoted their goal by creating a puzzle out of the architectural drawing for the new public library. For each milestone reached in the goal, a piece was added to the puzzle. The school reached their goal and was able to use their Fair profits to donate a bike rack to the new library. They also used profits from a previous Fair to donate a rug to the children’s section of the new library.

Emory H. Markle Intermediate School
Hanover, PA
Student Crew Count: 25
Book Fair Theme: Book Fair Diner

What do a ’57 Chevy, book sandwiches, 45 LP records, a huge diner marquee, and bubble gum have in common? The Book Fair Diner at Emory H. Markle Intermediate School! The Chevy was parked outside of the school to promote the Family Night, which included a popcorn sale where sales were donated to One for Books. To increase student interest in the Fair, giant window paintings of book covers lined the hallways, students wore sandwich boards, the Crew made announcements, and a guessing game was held.

Emory H. Markle also hosted two big activities to promote reading. Students could sign up for the Read for the World Record Challenge at the Book Fair, and the school hosted a different reading activity for each grade. The sixth grade had a reading café where they shared their favorite books over snacks. The seventh grade read in order to win a slot for their team in a Books ’n’ Battleball competition. The final round was readers vs. teachers. The eighth graders were challenged to read 2014 (the year they graduate high school) books before the end of the school year in order to win a day off and a huge party.

This Book Fair rocked!

Grassland Middle School
Franklin, Tennessee
Student Crew Count: 7
Book Fair Theme: Book Fair Diner

The goal of Grassland Middle School was to create a Book Fair that like a good book, could transport shippers to someplace new and exciting. With a life-size jukebox decoration, checked borders, chrome decorations, diner accessories and signs, '50s music, a neon clock, and more, they did just that! Shoppers felt like they were truly at Book Fair Diner.

To promote the Fair, the Crew created signs, drama students wrote and performed commercials, the principal sent out a phone message, booktalks were given, and much more! A bubble gum guessing game and a “Daily Special” drawing were just two contests that increased student interest in the Fair. Classroom Wish Lists were modeled after a menu and guest checks represented student wish lists. To promote the books, a counter display included a menu of book genres and a blue plate special board, which featured a different book each day. The school also conducted One for Books for the first time, using a tip jar to collect donations. To peak students’ interest and encourage participation, cashiers rang a bell with each donation.

This was one Book Fair that nobody wanted to miss!

Trafalgar Middle School
Cape Coral, Florida
Student Crew Count: 35
Book Fair Theme: Book Fair Diner

Trafalgar Middle School’s Book Fair Diner opened on May 3 with a cook and wait staff of 15 school staff members, 35 students, and 6 parent/grandparent volunteers. With ’50s music, props donated by a local diner, and student decorations, this Book Fair Diner came to life! To promote the Fair, Crew members passed out golden tickets that could later be entered into a drawing for prizes. They also wore sandwich boards, hung signs, played the Author Video over the school news, and set up a Web site.

The school conducted a poster raffle to raise money for One for Books and also had loose change containers for each grade level to donate. The What Would You Do for Reading?® campaign also generated a lot of excitement by having each classroom participate separately. If a class’s goal was met, the teacher chose a reward that was appropriate for their class, such as free time outside or classroom treats. The final event of the week was an ice cream social Family Night. Families shopped at the Fair and then make their own sundaes together. It was the school’s biggest Family Night yet!

The excitement at Trafalgar’s Book Fair was contagious!

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