Congratulations to the Winners of the Fall 2012 National Middle School Student Crew Contest!

The First-Place Winner of 2,000 Scholastic Dollars™ and a personal visit from author Tom Angleberger is:

Sammy McClure Middle School
Dallas, GA
Student Crew Count: 37
Book Fair Theme: iFair: There’s a Book for That

The Student Crew at Sammy McClure Middle School hosted an app-tastic Book Fair last fall. They turned a popular middle school student activity, using smartphone apps, into a Book Fair theme! The media center’s doors were decorated with giant iPad® tablets featuring book covers as the icons. As students walked inside, they were greeted with mammoth caricatures of the school’s principals as gaming characters. Students also went wild over pictures of teachers as large emoticons hanging from the ceiling and tables decorated as different apps such as Pandora®, Angry Birds™, Twitter, Temple Run™, Instagram, and Fruit Ninja™.

Book Fair Image

At the Teacher Sneak Peek, teachers devoured Instagram cake, Angry Pigs in a Blanket, Pandora Punch, and more. To entice students to visit the Fair, the Crew decided to let every student who made a purchase play live Angry Birds on the stage at lunch. This involved launching a stuffed Angry Bird at boxes and pig cut-outs to win prizes. A QR Code scavenger hunt also increased Book Fair traffic and participation. The Crew also developed a fun All for Books™ contest. Students who donated were able to enter a texting contest that was held live on the news. The students were given a phrase to text and the fastest texter got a prize. The most coveted prize of the Fair was 30 minutes of computer games, which was given to the homeroom that purchased the most books from the Fair. Another popular contest was when students raced to their lockers each day searching for a Google map that would lead them to prizes. Students also participated in dress-up days: Angry Birds Day, Create Your Own App Shirt Day, and Ninja Day. Once the sales goal was met, the principal morphed into a Fruit Ninja and distributed fruit to students in the cafeteria. To include parents in the Fair, a Books With Friends (a playoff on Words With Friends®) event was held for parents, students, and grandparents.

The student-friendly theme, popular contests, and amazing decorations made this one of Sammy McClure’s most creative Fairs yet!

Second-place winners of 1,000 Scholastic Dollars are:

Tahlequah Middle School
Tahlequah, OK
Student Crew Count: 7
Book Fair Theme: Hollywood

Students at Tahlequah Middle School became all-star readers this fall … Hollywood style! The Fair was decorated with life-size celebrity cutouts, a red carpet, Hollywood sign, oversize bucket of popcorn, paparazzi silhouettes, and much more! To promote the Fair, students decorated stars and hung them in the hallways leading to the Fair. They also created commercials for morning announcements, hung signs and banners, and put announcements on the local radio station, in the local newspaper, on the media center’s Facebook page, and on Twitter. To promote reading, the principal became the Reading Inspector and handed out prizes to any students she caught reading. As a way to generate even more excitement, the Crew conducted a guessing game contest and a coin war to raise money for All for Books. The class that raised the most money won an afternoon of popcorn and movies. The money raised went toward purchasing books for libraries in a local community that was destroyed by a fire. In addition, several premiere events increased traffic to the Fair: Donuts with Dads, Munchies with Moms, Goodies with Grands, and Donuts for Donations. This was one of Tahlequah’s best Book Fairs!

Lake Nona Middle School
Orlando, FL
Student Crew Count: 12
Book Fair Theme: All-Star Book Fair

The Student Crew at Lake Nona Middle School decided to do a twist on the all-star theme. They wanted to include all students at the school, not just athletes, so they also focused on academics and fine arts. They asked students and staff to share their talents and they placed them on a wall of fame behind the media center’s circulation desk. At the Book Fair, a display case featured students’ trophies for academic and sports-related achievements. To involve the school community, the Crew hosted two Family Nights, which also included grandparents. One of the biggest hits of the Fair was All for Books. The first hundred students in each grade who donated $1 were allowed to have lunch outside. The team with the most donations also got to have an indoor field day. These efforts helped the school raise more than $1,000 in All for Books donations. The school reached another milestone when they reached their goal of selling 1,200 books. Once this goal was met, students voted on what their deans would do. They overwhelmingly voted to see them sumo wrestle. Team spirit dress-up days, guessing games, and more helped the Student Crew hit this Book Fair out of the park!

East Paulding Middle School
Dallas, GA
Student Crew Count: 10
Book Fair Theme: The EPMS Olympic Book Fair

Students at East Paulding Middle School truly felt like they were part of the London Games during Book Fair week. The Fair was decorated with the homemade props including the London Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the famous rings from the Games (made from hula hoops), patriotic streamers, famous athletes, flags, and more. The Student Crew also developed numerous activities to engage the whole school community in the Fair. The biggest hit was the school’s Games. Each team paid $5 to enter the Games and individuals paid $1. This money went toward All for Books and ended up helping to raise $150. Each team had four weeks to practice and one week of competition to narrow down the teams to two finalists. The teams competed in front of the whole school. To tie in books, each athlete named his or her favorite author, book, or series before each event. Other fun Book Fair contests included an athletic uniform decorating contest, a homeroom flag decorating contest, and guessing the number of coins in a double-decker bus. To involve parents and grandparents, the school’s queen hosted a tea as part of the Family Event. All of these creative activities and decorations made the Book Fair a popular event for the entire school community.

Alva Middle School
Alva, OK
Student Crew Count: 11
Book Fair Theme: Every Reader Is a Star

Every reader was a star at Alva Middle School’s fall Book Fair! A Teacher Sneak Peek kicked off the Fair. Food was served from star-shaped plates and teachers chose books for their classrooms. To promote the Fair, Student Crew members went to each class to promote Book Fair contests, which included a guessing game, dressing a star as a favorite book character, and a game where students had to guess unique facts about their teachers. A reading challenge asked all students to earn 600 Accelerated ™ Reader points during the week of the Fair. After each AR test, the student received a prize and they listed their book title on a star on the Reading Wall of Fame. Students went beyond the challenge and earned 1,521 AR points and got to participate in a dodge ball tournament against teachers. Teachers also wore star stickers to promote the Fair to parents, which came to shop during two evening events. Grandparents were also encouraged to shop both the in-school and online Fair. To end the Fair, the school hosted an assembly where teachers revealed the answers to the trivia game, the AR points were revealed, and the Crew performed a song and dance they produced about the Fair. All of these star-studded activities made the Fair one of the best Alva has ever had!

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