Congratulations to the Winners of the Fall 2010 National Middle School Student Crew Contest!

Our first-place winner and recipient of a visit from best-selling author Patrick Carman plus 2,000 Scholastic Dollars is:

Graves County Middle School

Graves County Middle School
Mayfield, Kentucky
Student Crew Count: 28
Book Fair Theme: Reading is Sweet!

What do you get when you mix middle school students with books and sugar? A great Book Fair at Graves County Middle School! The Student Crew at Graves not only got the whole school community excited about the fall Book Fair but also about books and reading!

The Crew, who wore matching shirts, decorated the Fair with a giant gumball machine, lollipops, candy, and more. They planned and conducted the Fair from start to finish, working on different teams such as contests, Family Night, Teacher Sneak Peek, and advertising.

Graves County Middle School

The advertising team created their own video, uploaded it to Facebook, and invited all of their friends to the Fair using this social network. To increase traffic to the Fair, the Crew hosted several contests, including dressing like a book character and door decorating, which both raised awareness about the Fair and books. Mr. Williams, the school’s principal, agreed to be turned into a banana split if students purchased books. Students received tickets for buying books, and the lucky raffle winners covered Mr. Williams (who wore a banana costume) in whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate syrup!

For One for Books, students used loose change to vote for the cutest baby photo of a teacher. The winning teacher won candy for her homeroom. During Family Night, the Crew planned a kids’ reading room which featured Clifford, Emily Elizabeth, and sweet themed refreshments. Students also received one raffle ticket for bringing a parent to the event, and four extra tickets for bringing a grandparent.

To promote reading during the Book Fair, Guys Read and Girls Read book discussions were held. Male teachers and female teachers chose books, and then students were grouped with teachers and they all read the same book. The groups then met to discuss the books – what a great way to encourage reading through strong adult reading role models!

This super delicious Fair was a big success!

Second-place winners of 1,000 Scholastic Dollars are:

Sammy McClure Middle School
Dallas, Georgia
Student Crew Count: 39
Book Fair Theme: Bookopoly

At Sammy McClure’s fall Book Fair, the Student Crew brought one of America’s favorite board games to life. The Bookopoly Fair was decorated with huge game pieces, gigantic dice, a life-sized game board, and more! The Crew promoted the Fair by passing out dice and dollar sign beads with tags, conducted booktalks, showed commercials, started texting chains, hung banners, and used other creative methods. Contests were also effective in increasing traffic to the Fair. Students could guess how much Monopoly money was in a jar, answer daily trivia questions, and check their lockers for “Chance” cards that won them free dice beads and candy. Parents and grandparents were also enticed to come to the Fair during Breakfast With the Banker, where guests were able to mingle with a local bank manager.

To increase participation in One for Books, the grade that donated the most money won the opportunity to wear pajamas to school. An estate sale was also held with items and services donated by local businesses. These incredible efforts generated more than $800 for One for Books! And, when the Book Fair reached its goal, the principal was jailed in the front lobby on the last day of the Fair.

Bookopoly was definitely a winner for Sammy McClure!

Olympic Middle School
Shelton, Washington
Student Crew Count: 13
Book Fair Theme: The Night of the Living Books

During Olympic Middle School’s fall Book Fair, the library was turned into a spooky graveyard filled with ghosts welcoming the students, tombs of book characters, skeletons encouraging students to come into the reading corner, and spider webs covering the ceiling, bookshelves, and doors. As part of a school program, students were required to read a scary book of their choice and create a character from the book. The Student Crew then made the Book Fair come alive as living books by reciting passages from the books. The Crew also increased Book Fair excitement by learning how to do the “Thriller” dance, which they performed in front of the student body. In fact, because the school reached their Book Fair goal, the principal agreed to impersonate Michael Jackson by dancing to “Thriller.”

To increase Book Fair traffic, several contests were held, including guess the number of chocolate eyeballs, locating 21 reading gargoyles, and “What Book Am I?” Students who brought an adult to the Fair got to put their name into a drawing for a prize. A themed One for Books activity was also held. Students used loose change to vote for which thing they were most afraid of: ghosts or spiders. Spiders won!

The Book Fair exceeded the school’s goal, and they were able to purchase many books for the library and classroom libraries.

JEJ Moore Middle School
Disputanta, Virginia
Student Crew Count: 24
Book Fair Theme: Book Fair Boot Camp

Moore Middle School focused on getting students in tip-top shape for reading last fall with Book Fair Boot Camp. The Student Crew turned the library into a Book Fair bunker, complete with camo netting, patriotic decorations, and more! The Crew promoted the Fair through phone messages, the school newsletter, commercials, and flyers calling all families to “active duty.” To increase student interest in the Book Fair, real soldiers from a nearby base greeted students on Warrior Wednesday. A “Caught Wearing Camo Day” also encouraged students and faculty to get in the Book Fair spirit.

To promote reading, a Warrior Reading Day was held during the Fair. Principals also offered an irresistible challenge – if students purchased 700 books, drill sergeants would run Moore principals through an obstacle course during a school-wide assembly. The goal was exceeded by 300 books, and the student teams purchasing the most books were treated to popcorn after the assembly.

Donuts for Dads, Muffins for Moms, and a Grand Event were all big hits. These three events alone brought in more than $3,000 for the Book Fair! A girls vs. boys competition was also held for One for Books, and totals were posted each day to reveal the “top dog.”

This Fair encouraged all students to live up to the battle cry of “Read Like a Warrior!”

Reynolds Middle School
Prosper, Texas
Student Crew Count: 24
Book Fair Theme: Superheroes

At Reynolds Middle School’s fall Book Fair, they highlighted superheroes that they see every day, including teachers and the local fire and police departments. The Student Crew promoted the Fair by hanging posters, flyers, and booktalks (behind the bathroom stalls), and by writing articles for the local newspapers. The Student Crew also made the Book Fair atmosphere inviting by creating a cityscape on the library’s doors and making superhero logos as Book Fair décor.

To increase Fair traffic, several contests were held, including unmask the teacher and guessing the weight of a stack of books. An exciting One for Books activity was also held. When students donated money, they received a piece of duct tape that they then used to duct-tape a principal to the cafeteria wall.  The students raised $285, which was used to purchase books for the local Cops for a Claus program.

Faculty also participated in a sneak peek of the Book Fair, where they filled out their Classroom Wish Lists. The district superintendants even got involved in the Fair by allowing photos of themselves to be placed on life-sized cutouts of superheroes. To get students excited about reading, each cutout was also holding a book from the Fair.  

Reading saved the day at this Book Fair!

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