Congratulations to the Winners of our Spring 2011 Elementary National Contest!

Our first-place winner and recipient of a visit from best-selling author Andrew Clements plus 2,000 Scholastic Dollars™is:

Elementary Contest Winner

Will Rogers Elementary School
Chairperson: Claudia Mornhinweg
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Chairperson Claudia Mornhinweg began planning 12 weeks prior to the Book Fair by creating a calendar and “to-do” list which she used as a road map for holding the event. To fund special promotions and prizes she wrote letters to local businesses requesting supplies and support. She identified 58 students who needed financial assistance to purchase a book from the Fair and ensured that each was able to get at least one book. Promotion began one month in advance with a flyer asking for volunteers, a letter from the principal, and information about the One for Books classroom competition.

Library time included using a whiteboard for lessons themed around the Book Fair and reading, and promoting books not included on the Author Video. She wrote an original song and taught it to all students to sing at the all-school assembly, which also included a funny skit performed by members of the school’s Book Club members. The school-wide reading program featured a carnival theme and was tied into their Accelerated Reader points. Tickets for games were awarded when students reached individual goals.

Decorations included streamers, signs, painted windows, student-created posters and many outdoor booths used during the Family Event. Three classroom contests (including classroom door decorating) and two individual contests were held to increase excitement. The faculty Sneak Peek breakfast included donated door prizes as incentives to participate. A morning Goodies for Guests event for extended family members was held followed by an evening Family Event with food, literacy games, photo opportunity, miniature horses, and lots of Book Fair shopping. A Build-a-Book workshop for families was held that night, funded by a Title I grant specifically requested for the event. Classes competed for a party in a One for Books “Battle of the Coins” and raised over $1,000, which was used to help purchase more books for the school’s library. Congratulations to Will Rogers Elementary School students, staff, and parents for making their Book Fair such a great event!

Second-place winners of 1,000 Scholastic Dollars are:

Mountain View Elementary School
Chairperson: Terri Bailey
Parker, Colorado

Mountain View Elementary used the theme to transform the school into a full blown carnival. Volunteers created tents, animals, ticket booths, a “Read-a-Coaster,” and much, much more. Teachers and staff jumped on board and began to decorate the hallways with student projects. The Fair kicked off with Spirit Week and a clown pulling the principal around the school in a cage. He had to raise money for One for Books in order to be released. Overall, the school tripled their donations from last year, and the extra donations were used to add more books to the school’s library. The Family Event coincided with the spring student musical and included food and carnival games run by the Junior Crew. The Fair also included a 100,000 minute reading challenge that lasted the month of April with awards given to the top class and top readers per class.

Hawkes Bluff Elementary School
Chairperson: Kathy Passerello and Ruth Bonfield
Davie, Florida

The two chairpeople recruited eager volunteers who were young and young at heart to help pull off the Book Fair. The Junior Crew helped with decorations, setup, advertising, bagging books, the Family Event, and break-down. Parent volunteers showed up in clown outfits to stir up some laughs. To increase excitement, the principal was challenged to ring a real carnival strongman’s bell if they met their attendance goal for the Family Event. The Fair was filled with special events including a successful Grand Event, games and contests, and a Teacher Sneak Peek featuring carnival food.

Pottsville Middle Grades
Chairperson: Melissa Moudy
Pottsville, Arkansas

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Read at the Carnival" was the theme Junior Crew members chose for their spring Book Fair. The media Center was transformed into an environmentally friendly carnival with egg carton roller coasters, paper roll booths, a tent made from newspaper, and reused plush animals. A Family Event was held featuring carnival games, computer games, and shopping. The principal challenged students to beat a goal for number of books sold. As a result, he received a pie in the face and was splashed with ice-cold water. Books purchased with One for Books contributions were donated to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Skyline Elementary School
Chairperson: Tammy Matlock
Stillwater, Oklahoma

The school was inspired to turn their library into a carnival big top with colorful streamers and other decorations, including a Ticket to Read booth, carnival-themed signage, a Read-a-Coaster photo opportunity, Booktalk booth, a Reading Goal Chart, and Pop-on-Over costume. The Fair was filled with activities too. Teachers created literacy games including a book-themed Smartboard-based bingo game. Junior Crew members delivered booktalks. Social media websites were used to promote the Fair. On Saturday, a special Goodies for Guests event was held for extended families to make purchases. The principal challenged students to read 100,000 minutes, which they did, earning a visit by a guest musician for a concert and song-writing workshop.

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