Congratulations to the Winners of our Fall 2011 Elementary National Contest!

Our first-place winner and recipient of a visit from best-selling author R.L. Stine plus 2,000 Scholastic Dollars™is:

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Union Elementary School
Chairperson: Heather Brown
Temple, GA
Union Elementary School did everything possible to make their fall 2011 Book Fair their best ever. The first thing they did was set a goal for books sold, accompanied by a What Would You Do For Reading® challenge. One of their popular administrators agreed to be slimed with green space slime if the goal was met. The class purchasing the most books from the Fair would receive the honor of making the slime. A second challenge awarded an astronaut ice cream and Tang party to the class that collected the most donations for One for Books®.

To generate interest in the Book Fair and theme, students participated in an art and writing “Meet My Alien” contest. More than 120 3-D projects were displayed throughout the library during the Fair. Teachers participated in their own door-decorating contest.

Family Night was a huge success. Planetary pizza, cosmic cookies, and Saturn soda were served. A walk-in space lab was provided by a local university, and students enjoyed viewing many science experiments. To hype up the grand event, a magician did a short presentation at a daytime assembly, then told students they could see the rest if they came back later that night with their grands. While grands and students were entertained and shopped the Book Fair, parents attended a Read and Rise® Literacy program. The school’s first ever Muffins for Moms and Donuts for Dads events were also a big success.

Parent volunteers helped make decorations and conducted Book Talks. Junior Crew members created signage and helped every morning for two weeks prior to the Fair.

The last day of the Fair featured astronaut and alien dress-up day and a visit by two NASA engineers. The science team made alien rockets, which were launched back to their home planets. The finale was pouring alien slime on the assistant principal.

Congratulations to students, staff, parents, and special guests for making this Union Elementary School’s best Book Fair ever!

Second-place winners of 1,000 Scholastic Dollars are:

St. Timothy's Lutheran School
Chairperson: Christine Hindenes
San Jose, CA
St. Timothy’s Lutheran School used the space theme and the Book Fair to launch a month of learning about space and astronauts. Classes made art projects featuring planets, stars, astronauts, satellites, and robots. Mission Control was created and black light paint was used to create a night sky. Students earned credit for the Book Fair by participating in a “Run for Reading” activity funded by the P.E. teacher. As students ran laps, they earned “book bucks” toward the purchase of a book at the Fair. The music teacher worked with fifth grade students to perform a song called “I Think My School’s a Spaceship” during the Family Event. Grandparents day was an opportunity for grands to shop with their students and snuggle up and read on a cold day. Each class had its own special shopping time throughout the day, and coffee and snacks were served to the grand visitors. One for Books donations were used to purchase books for a local organization dedicated to giving new moms and babies a fresh start. More than $600 was raised to buy books for these families.

Millersville Elementary School
Chairperson: Lori Skalitzky
Millersville, MD
Millersville Elementary School launched their fall Book Fair with a communications and marketing blitz that let everyone know that the school was invaded by aliens. UFOs were strategically placed in the school’s front yard and surrounded by caution tape so that the scene looked like a crash landing. Handmade signs outside and in promoted the Fair, Family Night, One for Books, and reading. The alien invasion continued inside as UFOs, astronauts, robots, and aliens decorated the hallways and library. A detailed flyer of Fair events and activities was distributed to all teachers and included an invitation to the Teacher Sneak Peek. The Family Event was held in conjunction with the school’s annual Fall Festival. Students were invited to attend in costume for a chance to win raffle prizes. Flyers were sent home to families, and every student was sent home with reminder stickers attached to clothing or planners on the day of the event. One for Books became a classroom “Race Through Outer Space” with classes competing to see which could collect the most donations. The top class earned the chance to slime the space invader (their principal), and receive the coveted One for Books trophy. The result was an additional 200 books purchased from the Fair for disadvantaged students, classrooms, and the media center.

Jo Ann Ford Elementary School
Chairperson: Lynda Bishop
Georgetown, TX
The primary goal of the Jo Ann Ford Elementary School Book Fair was to get books into the hands of students, both at the school, and in Bastrop, Texas. Bastrop is a small town an hour south that was devastated by last year’s wildfires. More than 1,500 homes were destroyed. The school created a “Books for Bastrop” drive for families to purchase books at the Fair and donate them to Bastrop students. They surpassed their initial goal and 209 books were donated and given directly to Bastrop students. One for Books funds were collected in the community, which raised more money to purchase books to replace those lost in the fires. The school also wanted to increase student and staff participation in the Fair. They had 78 students take leadership roles in the Fair. Parent volunteers also contributed, and 48 students helped in some aspect of the Fair. Decorations featuring day-glow aliens on black paper filled the hallways and the Fair. To enter the library, students had to pass through the open mouth of a large spotted alien! Having met the first two goals, the last goal was easy: earning Scholastic Dollars™ to support the school’s library.

Coconut Palm Elementary School
Chairperson: Leticia Llorens
Miramar, FL
“Welcome to Starship Cocoprise” was the theme for the Coconut Palm Elementary School fall Book Fair. A Teacher Preview filled with yummy alien-themed treats started off the week’s events. Each teacher who attended filled out Classroom Wish Lists and was entered into a drawing to win prizes. Classes participated in a book-themed spaceship poster contest. The entries were used to decorate the school hallways. Other alien and outer space decorations filled the school from floor to ceiling. During Family Night, each student was issued a passport. Each time a student completed a task, a sticker was placed in the booklet. More than 500 passports were turned in for a chance at winning raffles. Teachers and students all dressed in costume for the space theme and the featured event was a “Men in Black” dance performance featuring dozens of students from several classes.

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