Congratulations to the Winners of our Fall 2010 Elementary National Contest!

Our first-place winner and recipient of a visit from best-selling author Margaret Peterson Haddix, plus 2,000 Scholastic Dollars™ is:

Elementary Contest Winner

St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Catholic School
Chairperson: Kathy Gorman
Wooster, Ohio

The Book Fair is a much-anticipated event at St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Catholic School. The fall Fair was their best ever due to outstanding support from the parish priest, principal, teachers, volunteers, and amazing students. Chairperson Kathy Gorman has learned to delegate and spread the work around, building a sense of ownership and investment in the event’s success. Over one third of the school’s families have at least one active volunteer. Every teacher is actively involved in curriculum connections to the theme, promoting to students, and participating in Classroom Wish List. Students volunteered time after school to help create decorations and prepare school-wide commercials shown over the school’s TV system. Students also read books about personal heroes and participated in contests and activities that promoted reading and educational displays.

Their parish priest made a “Leap of Faith” challenge for One for Books®: He would leap over a stack of books dressed in a Superman outfit. Each book would represent one dollar donated to the cause. He made good on the promise and, at a student assembly, easily cleared a large stack of books in front of a large crowd of excited students, teachers, and parents. A second One for Books contest allowed students to vote for their “Goal Reward Event” by placing loose change in the jar of their choice. Students voted for an in-school sleepover, and when the goal was made, enjoyed playing non-electronic games, art activities, pizza, and a movie (and reading of course) before “lights out” at the first-ever sleepover.

Students nominated and wrote about personal heroes as part of themed activities. Local heroes were honored at a school-wide assembly and added to the school’s Hall of Fame. Advertising played a big role in getting the word out to families and the parish community, and the additional interest helped the school smash their previous sales record. Congratulations to St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Catholic School students, staff, and parents for making their Book Fair such a great event!

Second-place winners of 1,000 Scholastic Dollars, are:

The Shelton School
Chairperson: Ada Hinkle
Dallas, Texas

The school attributes their success to using almost every idea that Scholastic supplies; then volunteers, students, and staff add their own hard work and enthusiasm to get the school community excited about the Book Fair. Activities begin in September at the school’s Open House, where a fully decorated volunteer sign-up table greets parents. This season, 41 parent volunteers signed up to help with the Fair. Once the Fair arrives, the school library is transformed into a fully stocked and decorated Bookstore. Decorations help get students excited about what’s inside, and the hero décor included real-life uniforms to comic book themed merchandising. Advertising to parents outside the school is a priority and large handmade banners are displayed so no one can say they missed the event. Topping off everything they do for the Fair were librarians and other staff and volunteers who dressed in superhero outfits to promote to students.

Union Elementary School
Chairperson: Heather Brown
Temple, Georgia

The school tries to tie their Book Fair theme into the science curriculum. “Creatures of the Night” was the theme this fall so students could learn more about nocturnal animals. Students competed in an art project to make the best nocturnal animal. Over 140 entries were received, and prizes were awarded to the top entries. All the projects were displayed at the Fair, which drew proud students and their families in to shop the Fair. Parent volunteers, high school students and Junior Crew members all helped and were a vital part of the Book Fair success. Mrs. B, the school’s principal, issued a One for Books challenge that students met. As a result, she kissed a nocturnal hamster on the school’s morning newscast. The Atlanta Zoo joined in the fun by making presentations and sharing several real nocturnal animals during student preview day, and teachers participated by sharing their baby pictures in a “Teacher Creatures” guessing game. Other activities that helped to make the Fair a success were a Grand Event, and dress up days.

North Clackamas Christian School
Chairperson: Pam Harris
Oregon City, Oregon

A full week of events was on the schedule for the fall Book Fair at North Clackamas Christian School. Teachers participated in Classroom Wish List; a Hero Lunchtime Matinee was held for students; at a Grand Event, visitors were treated to a play, and reading time with their student; a first-time breakfast event brought in parents to shop who normally can’t make regular Book Fair hours. Advertising efforts included announcements on local business marquees and special invitations for the school community. Donuts were delivered to local heroes inviting them to attend the family event and be honored by the school. That event was packed with special activities for students, special visits with community heroes, and lots of shopping for books.

Kings Ridge Christian School
Chairpersons: Melissa Sutton and Julie Maschino
Alpharetta, Georgia

The school packed their Book Fair with decorations and activities themed around heroes and reading, and promoted it all with innovative ideas that got students excited about shopping for books. Real uniforms were displayed and posters featuring a comic book style layout told stories about real life heroes in the community. The librarian was transformed into “Ruby Reader,” a superhero ready to save the day with reading. Her image was used on bookmarks given away with each purchase, and they became very popular with students. The Media Center Specialist swung into action, too, and dressed in multiple guises to promote the Fair. Students created their own Wall of Heroes and wrote about heroes who were important to them. Students also participated in daily broadcasts on the school’s TV channel along with Ruby Reader. Other activities included a “dress as a superhero” day, fine arts night, pet parade, and a Family Fun Festival.

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