Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarteners are excited about discovering the world. They begin looking for words, especially familiar ones, and they will notice them everywhere: on sale signs and street signs, on books and buildings.

Pre-reading skills are important as children enter kindergarten. They should identify labels and signs, recognize some letters (like the ones in their names) and make letter-sound matches. These early learners love repeating rhymes and telling simple stories over and over again!

This no-cost program helps families prepare their children for the transition into kindergarten, supporting their children's reading and learning success at school.

We offer many resources to help educators prepare parents and students as they approach this milestone.

Kindergarten Readiness Program Overview

Kindergarten Readiness Presentation | Spanish Version

Kindergarten Readiness Program - Helpful Tips

Facilitator Talking Points | Spanish Version

Invitation to Kindergarten Readiness Program | Spanish Version

Kindergarten Readiness Handouts | Spanish Version

Kindergarten Readiness Program Family Evaluation | Spanish Version

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