As schools incorporate more nonfiction reading into the classrooms, it is important to learn how to interpret these informational text materials. Between 50 and 80 percent of all standardized tests your students take will include informative-type text.

This program helps family members and their children learn how to use informational text features in a fun, interactive way.

3-2-1 Chart Handout (PDF)

Informational Text Features Handout (PDF)

iTEXT Invitation (PDF)

iTEXT Organize Your Program (PDF)

iTEXT Family Evaluation (PDF) | Spanish Version (PDF)

iTEXT Program Overview (PDF)

iTEXT Text Has Features Parent Workshop F14 (PPT 13MB)

iTEXT Thinking Guide (PDF) | Spanish Version (PDF)

Let's Find Out Handout (PDF) | Spanish Version (PDF)

Text Features Notes Handout (PDF)

Turning Titles Subheadings Into Questions Handout (PDF)