Family Events & Grand Events

Family involvement is a key factor in encouraging kids to read more. That's why Family Events are an integral part of Book Fairs; they engage families in activities that revolve around reading.You can offer refreshments and activities to engage everyone, and remember to allow plenty of time for shopping the Fair.

Family Events:

  • Get school’s families excited about reading
  • Can be offered before, during, or after school
  • Encourage family involvement in kids’ reading activities
  • Help build home libraries
  • Offer parents time to better understand topics and books that interest their kids


Schedule your Book Fair today and make sure to include a Family Event or two for maximum participation! 

Start a GRAND tradition!

Get together students and their loved ones for a memorable event at your Book Fair. A Grand Event is an opportunity for grands – or aunts, uncles, and close family friends – to spend time with the kids they love, learn what interests them, and also shop the Book Fair.

These events increase Fair participation and help build home libraries; you can host a special breakfast or lunch, a grand show-and-tell, a grand time read-aloud, or anything you want. Many schools have said their Grand Events are often the biggest events of their Book Fair!