Grand Events

Family involvement is a key factor in encouraging kids to read more, and parents, grandparents, and other loved ones jump at the opportunity to spend time with the special kids in their lives.

That's why Family Events are an integral part of Book Fairs; they engage families in activities that revolve around reading. 

Offer Family Events at different times of the day – before, during, and after school – to give everyone a chance to participate. And plan a separate event just for grandparents! They are a special part of your students' lives and eager to participate in school events. Offer refreshments and activities to engage everyone, and remember to allow plenty of time for shopping the Fair. 

Schedule your Book Fair today and make sure to include a Family Event or two for maximum participation! 

Start a GRAND tradition!

Get together students and their grandparents at your Book Fair and make it a memorable event. A Grand Event is an opportunity for grands to spend time with their grandkids and also shop the Book Fair. You can host a special breakfast or lunch, a grand show-and-tell, a grand time read-aloud, or anything you want. Some schools report that their Grand Events are often the biggest events of their Book Fair!