Scholastic Book Fairs and Kids in Need Foundation Deliver New Books to Storm-Tossed Texas Schools

Kids in Need Foundation
Orange, Texas

Scholastic Book Fairs (SBF) and the Kids in Need Foundation (KINF) teamed up to deliver 4,000 new books to hurricane-ravaged southeast Texas school students. The donation, part of KINF’s Second Responder program, is part of an ongoing commitment to support the communities hardest-hit by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

On August 23, KINF distributed 850 SBF-donated books to students at Deweyville Elementary School in Orange, Texas, during a special school-wide event.

Deweyville Elementary and the surrounding community suffered catastrophic flooding in 2016 and again in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey tore through the town. Ever since the 2016 storm, Deweyville students have been schooled inside temporary buildings while the elementary school is being rebuilt. Many Deweyville students lost their homes—including their cherished home libraries—in one or both floods.

In addition to the new books, Deweyville students also received free backpacks filled with school supplies to offer them a fresh start as they enter the 2018-2019 school year.

Deborah Graham, Book Fairs Field Representative, Western Region, was on hand to help greet families and distribute free books to so many happy students.

“When we talk about putting a book in the hands of every child, this entire project-and everyone involved-made that happen before my eyes. It was a pleasure to be involved with the event to watch the students choose books to add to their home libraries. What we do can sometimes feel like magic!”

The remaining 3,100 books were distributed to students at four other elementary schools in southeast Texas: Vidor, Oak Forest, Pine Forest, and Mauriceville.

All 4,000 Scholastic titles were made available through SBF’s All for Books initiative, the program that encourages local businesses, community members and individuals to donate money for books in support of their community’s efforts to add appealing books to their school and classroom libraries; or, in the case of natural disasters, entirely replace libraries that are destroyed.

KINF’s Second Responder program operates during the recovery periods that follow natural disasters. The program follows immediately on the heels of First Responders (EMTs, fire fighters, Coast Guard, peace officers, the Red Cross, and others) as soon as possible following a natural disaster to deliver much-needed school supplies and books for students severely-impacted by the event.

“As a field rep, I have always loved and talked up the All for Books program,” said Deborah. “It’s my favorite program because it helps schools right then and there. But the bigger side to All for Books is the difference it can make in communities. Being at the event at Deweyville Elementary brought this program full circle for me.”

As part of our All for Books program match, Scholastic Book Fairs has committed several thousand books to the Kids in Need Foundation, whose Second Responder program expertly facilitates distributions of books and school supplies to the affected communities to help with rebuilding efforts.

KINF’s second responder team will begin work after the most immediate needs have been met by the first responders, e.g., police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, utility crews, and will begin distributing our books in the coming months when schools are ready to begin receiving materials.