Cardinal Lane joins Scholastic Book Fairs!

We are excited to announce our decision to partner the Cardinal Lane Book Fairs business with Scholastic Book Fairs®, effective August 1, 2015.

A global leader in book-sale events, Scholastic Book Fairs offers many exciting options to schools that we believe will be heartily embraced by you and other Cardinal Lane clients. For starters, you’ll now have access to a variety of innovative resources and tools, including:

  • A powerful mobile app to help you select just the right book for every reader
  • An even larger selection of authors and titles
  • Programs, kits, and hundreds of online resources to help you organize and promote your Fair
  • An online Book Fair to supplement your in-school event, which makes it easy for parents, grandparents, friends, and others to participate if they can’t attend in person.

To ensure a smooth transition, Jean Odom (President) and Beth Booksh (Special Orders Consultant) have joined the Scholastic Book Fairs team. We will do our best to make the changeover a seamless and wonderful experience, while continuing to provide you with the exceptional service and attention to detail you’ve grown accustomed to.

We have always valued and placed special emphasis on the personal relationships we forged with our school partners, and this passion will continue as we join forces with Scholastic Book Fairs to help connect your students with books they want to read.

It has been an honor serving you under the Cardinal Lane name, and it will be an even greater honor working with you as part of the Scholastic Book Fairs team.

To contact Jean Odom, please call 704-499-3444 or email to

To contact Beth Booksh, please call 704-499-3428 or email