A Simple Way to Get Kids Reading

It’s practically the number one reason schools hold Book Fairs – to promote the love of reading!

All across the country, children are standing up in front of their peers and sharing brief, passionate statements about books they’ve just read and loved ... a booktalk!

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What's a Booktalk?

A booktalk is a short, engaging, and enthusiastic presentation designed to inspire others to read the same book.

A great booktalk uses every one of the language arts: reading, writing, and speaking.

Booktalks are not just isolated events – one-offs, delivered from time to time. One booktalk after another builds a solid, supportive, and energized community of readers, eager to dive into books peers recommend.

Now it’s your turn! Post a Video Booktalk of your own.

We’ve partnered with Schooltube on a fun new project we know you’ll enjoy. By clicking the link below, you can explore a whole new world of student booktalks – a place where kids can go to learn about new books and share their own feedback!

Browse through the videos, individually or as a class. What jumps out at you? Record these in a list to take with you during your next trip to the library, or, of course, your Book Fair! Think you’ve got something to add? Upload your own booktalk to get others excited about the book you just read! You’ll find everything you need by clicking the link. So get started! We’re waiting for you.

Why Does It Work?
Research indicates kids don’t read as much as they might because of lack of access to recommendations, especially those from peers. If students hear one booktalk for every day of the school year, they will learn about at least 100 new books!

Leading educators remind us that children become better readers by reading, and a booktalk a day will lead children to the books they most want to read – the ones recommended by classmates.

We are certain implementing this program will explode reading for pleasure at your school. After all, we’ve seen it work. Our test program in Philadelphia schools yielded impressive results – all teachers rated the program a nine or higher, and the most common student rating was a ten!

We Booktalk Every Day! Here at Scholastic Book Fairs, our staff members give a booktalk at the start of every company meeting. After all, reading is part of our DNA!

When our Principals Advisory Board visited recently, they were wowed by the power of the booktalk. Would it work in a classroom, they wondered? Absolutely. Would it help make your Book Fair even more successful? Sure! Would it extend the excitement of reading long after the Fair is over? Definitely!

So join us! We hope you’ll have as much fun and success with booktalks as we have.

Use our sample booktalks (to the right) to get you started, along with several resources for helping your students get excited about booktalking in your school.
Fall 2014 Booktalks