Think of all the books that have taken you on incredible journeys. With a little help from you, students can turn a favorite book into their own adventure story.

Send Your Class on a Book Journey
The Book Journey program is very easy to bring to your students. All it takes are these simple steps:

Introduce the Program to Students and Parents Excite Students and Parents
  • Distribute copies of the reproducible bookmarks.
  • Review the classroom activity ideas.
  • Your Book Fair Chairperson will have Travel Tokens to hand out at student previews or on the first days of your Fair.

Classroom Resources

Customizable Parent Letter

Reproducible Parent Letter

Reading Chain Bookmark

Book Journey Bookmark

USA Book Journey Map

Table Tent 1

Table Tent 2

Classroom Activities

Postcards from the Road
Ask students to create postcards representing destinations books visit. Have them illustrate cards and write simple messages to the class in the voice of their book’s main character.

Travel Trivia 
Use the Travel Tokens given out by your Book Fair Chairperson to quiz students on state trivia.  For some friendly competition, divide students into teams and ask students to create their own!

Travel Predictions
Send several books off on a Book Journey.  Sharpen your students’ graphing skills by asking them to predict what states the book will travel to and record their predictions on a graph. Hang your graph in the classroom and track your class’s Book Journey on My Book Journeys to see where your book travels.

Elect a Selection
Allow students to campaign for books they would like to sponsor, narrow the field with a debate, and hold an election.

Travel Plans
Discuss with students the destinations they would like books to visit.  Devise a plan for getting books to those locations. Research facts about the target destinations.  Students can use the USA Book Journey Map to plot their destinations.

Travel Competition
Compete against other classrooms and schools to see who can manage to get their books to travel the most miles or achieve the highest number of Book Mates in a reading chain.