Will I get my book back?
No. There’s really no telling where your book will end up. In the event you have a book you are excited to share with the world, but can’t bear to give up your personal copy, we recommend picking up an extra copy of the book.

Do I have to mail my book out or can I just give it to someone?
The choice is yours. As a Book Sponsor, you want to chart a travel plan and think about ways of getting your book to destinations and people of interest.  When mailing a book send it Media Rate through your local post office for a discount on postage.

Can I participate in more than one Book Journey at a time?
Absolutely. As a Book Sponsor, you can send as many books as you want on a Book Journey. At the same time, you can help as many books as you want to continue their journey by participating as a Book Mate.

What if the person I give my book to fails to forward it to another reader?
Explain to your first Book Mate that you want to create a chain of readers. Get their commitment to pass the book along to people they know will promise to keep the book traveling.

What tips do you have for sending a book on a journey?
• Send a book that you enjoy, but one that’s not too long, too heavy, or too big.  You don’t want a book to be stuck in one location a long time.

• Any type of book can be sent on a journey including picture books, chapter books, and graphic novels.


What happens if I lose my tracking number or bookplate?
At any time you can log on and print an additional bookplate by clicking on your tracking number in the My Book Journeys section. In your My Book Journeys section you will see every book you sponsor or are a Book Mate to with detailed information including the tracking number, its current location, past destinations and total miles traveled.

What happens if I forget my user name to log in?
You must re-register and select a new user name and password.

What happens if I forget my password?
You can go to the log in page and answer the hint question to get your password again.

Is the Book Journey Web site a safe environment for children?
Yes, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that no personal information is shared or exchanged between registered members. We comply fully with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Will my privacy be protected on this Web site?
Yes, we will protect the privacy of our Book Journey members. That is why we only ask you to provide your first name and last initial when registering. When creating user names please do not use any personally identifiable information, such as first and last name or e-mail address.

Who can I contact to answer general questions or for technical difficulty with the Book Journey Web site?
You can email the Scholastic Book Fairs Customer Care team to ask questions about the Book Journey Web site or if you are having technical difficulity with the site.