What Is a Book Journey?

A Book Journey is a fun, unique way to connect more people in the world with books they might otherwise miss. Scholastic Book Fairs invites you to join us in a campaign to get books read by more people.

Here is how it works:

Choose a Book to Travel
Select a book you currently own or something new from the Book Fair. (Remember, more than likely your book will not return to you).

Become a Book Journey Sponsor or Book Mate
Read your book and register to become a Book Journey Sponsor or Book Mate. Book Sponsors start the reading chain and can be a student, parent, teacher, or any individual or group with a book they are eager to share with the world. Book Mates receive a book from a sponsor, read it, and continue the reading chain by passing it on to a new Book Mate.

Print the Bookplate and Certificate
When a book is registered, Book Sponsors print the bookplate and securely tape it to the book’s inside front cover. They also print the certificate, which lists the name and password of the Book Sponsor.

Start a Journey
Once the book is read and registered, give it to a "Book Mate" who promises to read the book. A Book Mate is someone who agrees to read the book, log its location online, then passes it to a new Book Mate.

Begin and End the Journey
A Book Journey starts during your Book Fair. It can end at any time, depending on how well Book Mates keep the book in circulation. Keeping the reading chain unbroken is the quest of every Book Sponsor and Book Mate.