How can you get involved with the Book Fair?
Volunteering at your child’s Book Fair is a great way to see the exciting new titles each season, help your school, and spend time with your child. And volunteering is the best way to secure an invitation to our exclusive discount warehouse sale events – open to educators and Book Fair volunteers only!
Find your Fair, visit your Book Fair homepage, and click Volunteer to sign up!
How does a Book Fair benefit kids?
In addition to getting access to great books, kids learn so much at a Book Fair! They can even sign up as volunteers to develop and practice important skills such as:

  • responsibility
  • leadership
  • time and money management
  • collaboration
  • creative development
  • social development
  • philanthropy
  • Get the whole family involved and sign up at your Book Fair today!

Volunteering at the Book Fair is a great opportunity for all ages! Learn about Student Crew and Junior Crew.