Letter Template

Below is a template you can use to send a letter to parents. Simply copy and paste the text into your email and customize however you like.


Greetings, [school name] families!

Yes, it’s true…if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! During this school year, our students have GROWN in many ways – most notably as readers. Over the summer months, in order to maintain that growth, it is essential your child be provided with time each day to select and enjoy a good book…or two!

The research on summer reading is clear: Children who don’t read during the summer lose reading skills, while those who do read are more likely to be successful in school when school resumes in the fall. According to Dr. Richard Allington, an expert in the field of reading education and research, summer reading is the key to maintaining and improving reading skills. Dr. Allington also suggests students read a minimum of four books over the summer months to maintain their skills.

So how do you combine your child’s need for summer fun with the need to keep them reading? It’s easy! Give them ACCESS to many books and the OPPORTUNITY to choose what they want to read.

Our upcoming Scholastic Summer Reading Book Fair is a great place to start. Plan on attending as a family so you can help your children select the books they will enjoy reading over the summer. You can also visit your public library as a family and encourage your children to borrow even more books. This is a great activity for the whole family!

The upcoming Book Fair will be a celebration of reading and offer a selection of affordable books, including the newest titles for every reading level. We hope you will attend our school Book Fair Family Event and get a jump on your family’s summer reading plans. We will be demonstrating the Scholastic Book Fairs App during the event. This tool helps you match your child’s interests with his/her reading level for that “just-right book.” Download the BOOK FAIRS APP and try it out!

Our Book Fair will be open: [insert dates and times]

I am here support you and your family as you establish a joyful, nurturing reading environment in your home. Please give me a call if I can support your family in any way.

Happy Reading!
[your name]