Klutz Build-a-Book

Unleash the Imagination of Your Students

The build-a-book activity provides a world of opportunities for creative and academic expression by reinforcing early literacy skills. The program can be offered during your Book Fair or as a separate event during the school year.

Teachers also love the program and can conduct the program in conjunction with classroom curriculum. Many educators use the program to prepare students for standardized tests.


The Build-a-Book activity is now offered in a 30-kit school pack for $95.00.

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Free Build-a-Book Curriculum Connections are available for grades K–7.

Classroom units can also be enhanced through the use of Build-a-Book Curriculum Connections. These plans combine teaching essential skills, concepts and processes with the creative act of writing a book. The units vary in terms of target ages, time required and subject matter, but they all result in books designed to be shared with others in a celebration of learning and literacy.

Build-a-Book Curriculum Connections offer plans for a wide variety of literacy activities which range from families working together to make a book during a book fair or school orientation to students creating and sharing a book as the culmination of a month long interdisciplinary unit. Each lesson plan integrates essential 21st-century learning skills into creative projects using the hands-on Build-a-Book activity.

The Klutz Build-a-Book event offers multiple benefits for school communities:

  • Increases family involvement and helps build communities
  • Nurtures creativity and promotes a love for books
  • Crosses any language barrier and learning level
  • Classroom sets enrich and deepen any curriculum (makes a great Classroom Wish List item!)
  • Supports your school

​This is a great family activity that’s fun, easy, and rewarding, and develops a love of reading that can last a lifetime.                                                                                                                                                    

Read a success story from a principal whose Klutz Build-a-Book event helped "build" students' self-confidence!

Watch an inspiring video from Loveland Primary School in Ohio as librarian Mary Tobias discusses how she organized her Klutz Build-a-Book event to help benefit children in Belize. As Mary says, "Making a difference. Making memories!"

Principals and teachers: Increase parent participation! Call 800-799-7323 to learn how you can use Title 1 and PTA funds, as well as grants, to provide this exciting Klutz Build-a-Book event to everyone at your school.