Growing Independent Readers

Summer is growing season – for vegetable and flower gardens, for family memories, and for readers. Motivation and direction help children blossom into students for whom reading is their first choice of recreational activity.

Such students develop deep roots in a broad base of knowledge, equipping them to make decisions and express themselves effectively.

As summer approaches, it’s more important now than ever to help students embrace reading so they don’t lose reading proficiency over break. Here are some surefire tools you can use to ensure kids remain on the right academic track:

  • Beef up your classroom library. Take advantage of All for Books™, Classroom Wish List, or Scholastic Dollars™ earned at your Book Fair to stock books of a variety of genres and interest levels. Also ask families to donate used books, or hold a book swap.
  • Sign up your students for public library cards. Even if your school library is closed over the summer, your students will still have access to books and to summertime reading enrichment programs.
  • Listen to podcasts about popular titles. Podcasts allow chairpeople, educators, and parents brief but deep glimpses into titles so they can help kids make informed choices.
  • Do classroom read-alouds and booktalks. Students often will gravitate toward books that adults and peers have recommended.
  • Create summertime book clubs. Find children who have similar book tastes, and create reading clubs that can meet either on school property or your public library over the summer.
  • Participate in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. You can pre-register your students April 7 and start logging minutes May 5 for a chance to help set a new reading world record through Read for the World Record. We’ll share more about our Summer Reading Challenge and the many benefits of participating in our April issue.
  • Hold a summer reading Book Fair. Many schools close out the year with a summer reading or BOGO Fair so students are stocked with plenty of good reads to carry them through the summer.