Dive Into Reading With Our Spring 2015 Theme

Take your school on an underwater adventure with Book Fair Under the Sea: Explore an Ocean of Books! Welcome your community into the deep, where they'll encounter amazing stories and compelling facts.

Create a magical underwater world around your Fair. Suspend jellyfish made from paper bowls and streamers and hang blue balloon bubbles throughout. Mimic the ocean floor with green crepe paper seaweed and paper cutout fish along the walls.

To increase Book Fair participation, schedule a Stuffed Shells Pasta Night featuring family-friendly activities and a larger-than-life shark jaw photo op. A special invitation to grandparents inviting them to a Grand Event complete with submarine sandwiches and shopping will steer your reading event to new depths of success. Students can be lured to the Fair by placing gummy fish jar guessing games throughout your Fair and awarding prizes to the best estimators.

And remember to share the strong science appeal of Book Fair Under the Sea with teachers. Students can learn about underwater habitats and help decorate the school with different marine life art displays. With all the curriculum tie-in opportunities this theme has to offer, teachers will help keep the Fair top-of-mind.